11 of the Best Gifts for Amateur Astronomers

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If idiosyncratic connected your vacation buying database has an involvement successful astronomy, but you don’t cognize the Pleiades from pilates, work on. Herre is simply a ground-zero, get-started usher with 11 gifts that are cleanable for budding star-gazers and satellite peepers containing everything from cogwheel and books to chemic helpers for the space-head successful your life.

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Backyard Astronomer’s Guide by Terrence Dickinson

Backyard Astronomer’s Guide by Terrence Dickinson

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There are a ton of large books to get radical started successful astronomy arsenic a hobby, but you can’t spell incorrect with Terrence Dickinson’s Backyard Astronomer’s Guide. This wide rubric explores each facet of modern hobby astronomy successful elaborate but readable prose with a absorption connected applicable accusation astir user cogwheel similar scope and photography equipment.


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If you privation to get successful interaction with astronomy successful a visceral, old-school, hipster way, eschew astronomy apps and commencement with a planisphere (or “planispheric astrolabe,” if you privation to beryllium fancy). These devices, wide utilized since the Middle Ages, let you to cipher the presumption of the prima and salient stars successful narration to some the skyline and the meridian utilizing lone a mates of discs. It’s similar magic, but it’s science.

There are immoderate fig of these prima maps available, from other ample versions to ones you tin transportation successful your pocket, but Ken Graum’s Guide to the Stars is simply a nice, mid-sized representation that is truly each you’d ever request for a beingness of hobby astronomy.

Star Walk 2 app

I person a confession to make: I don’t really usage a planisphere to place astronomical objects. I can, but it’s overmuch easier to conscionable usage an app. Specifically, Star Walk 2. This easy-to-use mobile app for some iOS and Android allows you to simply constituent your telephone astatine the entity to place celestial objects. The basal mentation is free-with-ads, and the add-ons tin beryllium yours for lone $5.99.

There are different fantabulous entry-level prima gazing apps too, similar SkEye, and SkyView, but if you privation to determination connected to much “professional” level app, SkySafari 7 has a immense database, the quality to link to your telescope, and a ton of different features for a comparatively humble terms of $26.99.


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There’s a saying successful astronomy that “Binoculars are the champion archetypal telescope,” and it’s true. A decent brace of binoculars transforms “looking astatine immoderate twinkling lights successful the sky” into thing substantial. Like astir hobbyist equipment, binocular prices are each implicit the map: If you person other wealth to burn, you tin bargain these Zeiss Carl binoculars for $10,000, oregon you tin bargain a perfectly serviceable beginner acceptable of goggles similar the Celestron UpClose G2 for $25. There’s conscionable excessively overmuch assortment and nuance to marque a circumstantial recommendation, truthful I’ll defer to Sky and Telescope’s binocular guide.


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If the stargazer successful your beingness already has a acceptable of binoculars they like, but they don’t person a tripod for them, this is simply a no-brainer of a vacation gift. Being capable to dependable your regard portion looking astatine Uranus is simply a night-and-day difference, and if you usage newer, heavier binoculars oregon similar precocious magnification rates, a tripod is mandatory. You tin usage conscionable astir immoderate camera tripod with your binoculars, and determination are a ton retired there, from elemental monopods to much nonrecreational photography gear. You whitethorn request a mount/adapter, depending connected the benignant of binoculars you have, but determination are a ton of those too. For basal star-gazing (and photography) thing similar this basic tripod (for $40 astatine Walmart) volition bash nicely for astir beginners.

(Money for a) Telescope

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I’m not going to counsel you to acquisition a scope arsenic a vacation gift. It’s not a bully acquisition for idiosyncratic successful the “getting started” level of astronomy, and if the astronomer successful your beingness is acceptable to marque the leap to a telescope, they’ll cognize what they want. These things are expensive, and immoderate exemplary you prime retired is astir apt not going to person the features they want. Instead, connection immoderate cash, immoderate assistance researching telescopes, oregon inquire them precisely what benignant they want.


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If you unrecorded successful 1 of the 22 states successful the U.S. wherever recreational marijuana is legal, and you’re buying a acquisition for an astro-nut who is implicit 21, I suggest immoderate weed to spell on with the binoculars. It makes the beingness that overmuch much interesting, and determination are nary instrumentality against gazing-while-under-the-influence. You could adjacent get them a “moon rock” to support with the theme.

Apollo cockpit tie

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I don’t usually similar the thought of novelty neckties related to a hobby, but this Apollo cockpit tie is rad. Its achromatic and achromatic plan lifts the astir visually absorbing dials and switches from declassified NASA documents detailing the “Command Module Main Control Panel” of the Apollo satellite lander. You astir apt couldn’t actually onshore connected the satellite with this tie, but it’s beauteous chill successful that “so hardcore geeky it comes astir to chill again” mode that goes perfectly with having astronomy arsenic a hobby.

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Sega Toys Homestar Flux Planetarium

Sega Toys Homestar Flux Planetarium

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There are plentifulness of products that volition task a prima representation connected your ceiling, but the Sega Toys Homestar Flux is extra. It projects a 9-foot country with an close practice of the stars that either rotate oregon not, depending connected your choice. It features much than 30 optional discs that springiness you antithetic views of celestial bodies, and adjacent has a shooting star.

A67 Fisher Space Pen

I don’t cognize capable astir the satellite of costly pens to cognize whether this 1 is worthy $79, but I bash cognize it would beryllium truly chill to person an A67 Fisher Space Pen, the aforesaid penning instrumentality that has been utilized successful each abstraction ngo since Apollo 7 successful 1968. It doesn’t request gravity to work, and it’s durable capable that you tin cleanable it successful an autoclave.

A satellite stone

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If you privation to really impressment your space-minded friend, springiness them an existent stone from the moon. During the people of the United States’s abstraction program, we brought backmost a full of 842 pounds of rocks, but you can’t person immoderate of them—moon rocks are considered nationalist treasures and are spot of the United States, amerciable to merchantability oregon buy. But that doesn’t mean it’s totally intolerable to springiness idiosyncratic the moon. In 2019, Sotheby’s auctioned off 0.2 grams of ungraded from the aboveground of the satellite from a Russian abstraction ngo for $855,000.

If the terms tag of $4.29 cardinal per gram seems excessive to you, you whitethorn person much luck tracking down 1 of satellite rocks sent to nations and states by Nixon successful the 1970s. New Jersey’s is missing, and I presume it is successful someone’s attic; oregon you could excavation done Ireland’s Dunsink Landfill to find the satellite stone that was dumped determination successful precocious 1970s. It’s worthy astatine slightest $4 million. But bash not bargain a satellite stone from a backstage seller. Scamming radical by selling them fake satellite rocks is capable of a occupation that NASA has utilized undercover agents to way them down.

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