14 days in Italy: A complete guide to travelling by train for a whistle stop tour of the country

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Looking for a greener, cheaper vacation this summer? Then Italy is the spot to be.

The Italian railway web is extensive. In fact, its tracks screen a whopping 25,000km.

The awesome infrastructure has made cleaner question imaginable astatine pocket-friendly prices, and it’s just to accidental it’s changed the question map.

While immoderate home flights inactive operate, the improvements made to the country’s railways mean Italy’s flagship Airlie, Alitalia, was priced retired of the skies past October.

“One-third of the apical 150 short-haul flights successful Europe person bid alternatives that are little than six hours successful duration,” 1 TransEuropa study for Greenpeace states.

Even though a six-hour bid whitethorn dependable stuffy, there are immoderate superior perks: the sprawling scenery, a comfy journey, nary stressful information checks, the satellite and your pocket.

What way should you instrumentality astir Italy?

You’ve astir apt fallen successful emotion with the thought of the Italian railway, but successful a state wherever each municipality is simply a holidaymakers dream, you mightiness privation to cognize wherever to start.

Here’s a 14-day guide, to assistance you marvel astatine the mightiness of the Med.

Milan: Northern Italy’s bubbling metropolis

How agelong to stay: 2 days

Situated successful the bluish portion of Lombardy, Milan is the cleanable place to commencement your journey. The superior of Lombardy is serviced by 3 airports (Linate, Malpensa and Bergamo). But its bid station, Milan Centrale, besides greets arrivals from each implicit Europe.

Once there, marque definite to sojourn the Duomo, soak successful the Last Supper, dine successful the Navigli territory and walk a nighttime astatine the opera.

Venice: The Italian metropolis of water

How agelong to stay: 2 days

Head eastbound from Milan to Venice. Venice is introducing fees for tourists successful a bid to halt the holidaying hordes.

Let that beryllium a reminder to dive disconnected the beaten way and research the islands of Murano and Burano.

How to get there: Take the bid from Milan Centrale to Venezia S. Lucia. Fast trains instrumentality 2 hours and 30 minutes, and outgo conscionable shy of €20.

Bologna: Home of hearty sauces and toppling towers

How agelong to stay: 2 days

Your adjacent halt takes you to the largest city successful Emilia-Romagna, Bologna.

It’s a metropolis covered by red, orangish and brownish porticoes, truthful marque a beeline for the Due Torri (twin towers you tin ascent for a panoramic view).

How to get there: Direct trains from Venezia S. Lucia to Bologna Centrale instrumentality 2 hours and 10 minutes, and outgo €13.15

Florence: Where creation and architecture combine

How agelong to stay: 2 days

Hop from Bologna to the Tuscan superior of Florence. It’s a indispensable for immoderate creation enthusiasts and architecture aficionados.

Make definite you spot the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Ponte Vecchio and the Uffizi Gallery.

How to get there: A 37-minute accelerated bid from Bologna Centrale to Firenze S. M. Novella volition acceptable you backmost €17.10. A slower alternate costs €9.45.

Rome: The metropolis of echoes, illusions and yearning

How agelong to stay: 3 days

Spend longer soaking successful the sites of the Italian capital, Rome.

Make definite you comb the colosseum, chuck cents into the Trevi fountain, soak successful the creation of the Sistine chapel and much, much, more.

How to get there: Trains from Firenze S. M. Novella to Roma Termini instrumentality conscionable implicit 90 minutes and outgo €27.90.

Naples: Campania’s chaotic heart

How agelong to stay: 1 day

Head southbound from Rome and you’ll get successful Naples.

If you’re bushed of trains, sojourn Naples’ ports and forts. But if you’re up for much excursions, Pompeii, Herculaneum and Mt Vesuvius should apical your day-trip list.

How to get there: Slower trains Roma Termini to Napoli Centrale outgo €14.90 for 2 hours

Bari: For basilicas and beaches

How agelong to stay: 2 days

Jump crossed the breadth of the state to observe the off-beat portion of Puglia. Come present for little crowds, and enactment for the nutrient and fascinating history.

For fairytale scenes, sojourn the adjacent towns of Alberobello and Polignano-A-Mare.

How to get there: Ditch the bid and instrumentality the €10 manager from Naples (Metropark Centrale) to Bari Centrale. It takes 3 hours.

How overmuch volition it each cost?

14 days to question Italy by bid volition acceptable you backmost conscionable €95.40.

But don’t instrumentality our connection for it, conscionable bash it.

Tips and tricks connected trains

Before you book, determination are a fewer things to consider. EUrail and Trenitalia person their ain bid passes. While they whitethorn look inexpensive and cheerful, they’ll really outgo upwards of €200 for the aforesaid trip.

It’s cheaper to publication separate, modular and ace system tickets connected the Trenitalia website. Trains tin beryllium booked weeks, days and hours successful advance.

They bash merchantability retired truthful drawback up your voyage ASAP.

Make definite your tickets are validated too. Before boarding your train, popular your summons into the validation instrumentality recovered successful summons halls and platforms.

Other useful tips

Stay successful hostel dorms and marque your ain meals to support costs low.

Slices of pizza, arancini balls and different thoroughfare nutrient prevention connected currency and nutrient waste.

You tin prevention your euros by refilling h2o bottles astatine drinking fountains passim Italy - if you spot a section taking a swig, it’s safe.

And if you don’t privation your eco-adventure to end, hop connected a autobus oregon ferry retired of Bari connected the past day. Buses link Bari to Sicily, Milan and beyond, portion a ferry will get you to Dubrovnik successful Croatia successful nary time.

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