2022 World Cup group tiebreakers: What happens when teams are level on points

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  • Dale JohnsonGeneral Editor, ESPN FC

The radical signifier astatine the 2022 World Cup is successful afloat swing, arsenic 16 teams look to win a spot successful the knockout bracket.

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The apical 2 successful each radical volition suffice for the circular of 16, but however are the teams separated successful the table? This is however it works.

1. Group points

This is the casual one. Teams are archetypal ordered by full points from their 3 matches. It's 3 points for a win, 1 points for a gully and zero for a defeat.

2. Group extremity difference

Unlike successful UEFA competitions similar the Champions League, head-to-head grounds isn't the adjacent tiebreaker. It's conscionable basal radical extremity quality -- the nett full of goals scored minus goals conceded.

3. Group goals scored

If extremity quality is the same, the squad with the astir goals scored successful the radical signifier volition beryllium ranked highest.

This is wherever it starts to get a small much complicated.

4. Head-to-head record

If teams person an identical radical grounds for points, extremity quality and goals scored, we determination connected to caput to caput to abstracted them.

If 2 teams identical

This is simple, arsenic you look astatine the effect of that 1 radical game. Did 1 of 2 teams triumph that match? If so, they volition beryllium ranked highest. If it was a draw, we determination straight connected to constituent 5 to divided them.

If 3 teams identical

This is much complicated, arsenic you can't conscionable usage idiosyncratic results due to the fact that there's 3 matches to instrumentality into account. Effectively, you make a mini-league of conscionable the 3 games involving the 3 nations.

This mini league is ranked by
4a) points
4b) extremity difference
4c) goals scored

If lone 2 teams are inactive level astatine the extremity of this stage, nonstop head-to-head is not applied and these 2 teams unsocial determination to constituent 5. The 3rd squad is present locked successful position.

If each 3 teams are inactive level, the bid is decided by constituent 5.

If each 4 teams identical

It won't beryllium imaginable to abstracted them connected caput to caput and the radical would beryllium decided connected constituent 5.

5. Fair play record

If immoderate teams inactive person an identical grounds aft the head-to-head stage, positions are decided by just play record.

- yellowish card: minus 1 point
- indirect reddish card: minus 3 points
- nonstop reddish card: minus 4 points
- yellowish paper and nonstop reddish card: minus 5 points

Only 1 of the supra deductions is applied to a subordinate successful 1 match.

The squad with the astir points is ranked highest.

The lone clip just play grounds has been needed to abstracted teams came astatine the 2018 World Cup.

- Japan and Senegal were level successful 2nd with 4 points
- Both had a extremity quality of zero
- Both had scored 4 goals
- So it came to just play, with Japan connected -4, Senegal connected -6.

6. Drawing of tons

If it's inactive level aft just play points are tallied, the lone measurement near is drafting of lots.

Basically, this is simply a random gully made by a subordinate of the World Cup organising committee who isn't from 1 of the countries. It would beryllium a nationalist draw, with 2 balls placed into a pot. The archetypal squad drawn retired volition beryllium the highest ranked.

This was needed astatine the 1990 World Cup, with just play not introduced arsenic a tiebreaker until aft the 2014 edition.

Republic of Ireland (2nd) and Netherlands (3rd) finished with identical records and a gully was needed to determine radical presumption -- though some countries had qualified for the circular of 16.

Drawing of tons could instrumentality spot for immoderate of the cardinal positions, including who finishes archetypal and 2nd to find the way of the knockout bracket.

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