ADHD clinic: 'I'm 22 and I've just been diagnosed'

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A parent has acceptable up an autism and ADHD session aft her girl didn't conscionable the criteria connected the NHS.

Jane Lambert, who is simply a nurse, wanted to assistance different families by creating a squad of specialists to diagnose and dainty the conditions. It is presently private, but she would similar it to beryllium a nationalist service.

Lucy Bint is the archetypal diligent to beryllium diagnosed successful Jane's session with ADHD. She is 22 and started to fishy she had the information portion studying her masters successful psychology.

Lucy was told she would person to hold 2 years to beryllium diagnosed astatine her GP. She said: "I consciousness incredibly fortunate that I had different mode of getting help. I conscionable consciousness relieved that there's immoderate level of understanding."

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