Afghanistan: Macron reveals plans for joint European mission

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Macron made the announcement during a travel to Qatar

Several European countries are considering opening a associated diplomatic ngo successful Afghanistan, French President Emmanuel Macron has said.

A fig of issues had to beryllium resolved - peculiarly information - for ambassadors to return, Mr Macron said, but helium hoped a ngo would unfastened soon.

This would not magnitude to a governmental designation of the Taliban, helium said.

Western ambassadors pulled retired of Afghanistan aft the Taliban retook powerfulness successful August.

Several Taliban ministers are taxable to US and UN sanctions.

"We are reasoning of an organisation betwixt respective European countries... a communal determination for respective Europeans, which would let our ambassadors to beryllium present," Mr Macron told reporters successful Qatar.

"This is simply a antithetic attack than a governmental designation oregon governmental dialog with the Taliban," helium added.

France besides announced connected Friday that Qatar had helped evacuate much than 300 people, mostly Afghans, retired of the country.

Around fractional of the 124,000 radical flown retired of Afghanistan successful the last days of the US-led subject engagement successful Afghanistan transited done Qatar, which has besides agelong hosted a Taliban governmental office.

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BBC reporter, Yalda Hakim, looks astatine 4 cardinal areas of interest successful Afghanistan,

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