After a long, hot summer, the apple tree is laden with fruit

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How greenish is my garden. Gone the sandy tones of midsummer. To beryllium replaced by a vibrant astir convulsive lushness. It calls for a scythe similar a Van Gogh coating oregon similar Morten our nearest neighbour favours. Instead, I benignant the electrical strimmer. I request to trim astir the currant bushes, the pears, the pome tree. Henri volition acceptable the mower to its highest setting.

It volition instrumentality astatine slightest 2 trims. Most of the meadow hasn’t been chopped since April. It is live present with pinkish and achromatic yarrow, yellowish lady’s bedstraw, splashes of scattered scarlet poppy.

The greening rainfall is relentless, truthful we permission disconnected cutting for the archetypal fewer days. The agelong writer is flattened. The past rugosa is simply a shocking pink, the colour of connection lipstick. Its abdominous roseate hips are scarlet.

We prime pears disconnected the trees. They are just-so brushed and fragrant, our champion harvest yet.

The revelation is the apple. Decked with reddening effect similar Christmas decorations. Luckily, Dylan and his sister are visiting aft we leave. We anticipation they bask them.

We painted the decking past clip we were here. Now splattered with achromatic pools of autumn rain.

Morten is successful hunt of ceps, oregon Karl Johan arsenic they telephone them here. Henri spreads toast with her blackcurrant jam from the bushes. I oculus the greenish hazelnuts and wonderment whether the reddish squirrels volition permission america any.

The ample vertebrate cherry histrion is conscionable starting to shed its leaves. A darker Danish autumn is undeniable now. We cherish the meals eaten outside. There whitethorn not beryllium excessively galore more.

We volition instrumentality successful a fewer weeks. Gently chopped backmost immoderate of the undergrowth. Light fires from past winter’s wood. Meanwhile, the prima is rising arsenic I write. Time to marque English tea. Go for an aboriginal greeting walk. Perhaps to spot cervid oregon hares. To prime much Danish apples.

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