Airman accused of leaking US intelligence to remain behind bars until trial

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The US airman accused of leaking classified files volition stay successful jailhouse until his trial, a justice has ruled.

Jack Teixeira is accused of leaking scores of documents, including delicate accusation connected America's allies and operations abroad, connected to the societal media tract Discord.

The 21-year-old has been held down bars since his apprehension connected 13 April.

His lawyers had asked for him to beryllium held nether location apprehension until his trial, but their petition was denied by magistrate justice David Hennessy astatine national tribunal successful Worcester, Massachusetts.

No proceedings day has truthful acold been set.

Jack Michael Teixeira arrives for the detention proceeding  for his son, Jack Douglas Teixeira, the US National Guardsman accused of leaking subject   secrets, astatine  the national  courthouse successful  Worcester, Massachusetts, U.S., May 19, 2023.

Image: Jack Teixiera's father, Jack Michael Teixeira, arrives astatine the detention proceeding successful Worcester, Massachusetts

Teixiera is accused of breaching the Espionage Act successful what has been described arsenic the largest leak of classified documents since the WikiLeaks ungraded of 2010.

"Who did helium enactment astatine risk?" said Judge Hennessy. "You could marque a database arsenic agelong arsenic a telephone book."

Teixeira appeared astatine the proceeding successful an orangish jumpsuit and a caller buzz haircut.

In deciding to support Teixeira down bars, Hennessy said it was not "implausible astatine each that a overseas authorities would marque overtures to this suspect to get information".

The justice besides cited what helium said was Teixeira's fascination with guns, which has "an unhealthy component," and a deficiency of integrity.

Teixeira's household said they were "disappointed" with the ruling and remained "steadfast and determined successful our implicit enactment of Jack".

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What we've learned from US leaks

The leaked documents held highly classified accusation connected allies and adversaries, with details ranging from Ukraine's aerial defences to Israel's Mossad spy agency.

President Joe Biden has ordered an probe into wherefore the alleged leaker had entree to the delicate information.

Teixeira is being held successful Plymouth County jail, southbound of Boston.

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