AirNow and Other Apps to Help You Track Air Quality Near You

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U.S.|These Apps Can Help You Monitor Air Quality

Air prime levels person been a root of aggravated involvement this week. There are a fig of ways to support way of them connected your phone.

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A hazy greeting commute successful Washington, D.C., connected Thursday.Credit...Kenny Holston/The New York Times

Jesus Jiménez

  • June 8, 2023, 11:17 a.m. ET

As wildfire fume from Canada continued to drift crossed the United States, creating unhealthy aerial quality, galore places crossed the state were nether aerial prime alerts connected Thursday.

Heeding those alerts is important to staying safe, but monitoring aerial prime levels tin besides assistance you determine erstwhile it is harmless to spell outside. (Air prime levels tin displacement done the day, depending connected the clip and however overmuch fume is successful an area.)

These apps tin assistance you way aerial prime levels.

The AirNow Mobile App, disposable connected iPhones and Android phones, was created by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, which oversees aerial prime crossed the country.

The app allows users to participate their ZIP codification oregon metropolis to get the astir up-to-date accusation astir aerial prime levels. The app besides has a occurrence and fume representation that allows users to spot wherever the thickest layers of fume person drifted.

The IQAir AirVisual | Air Quality app, which is besides disposable for iPhone oregon Android users, provides the latest aerial prime levels, arsenic good arsenic adjuvant discourse astir however mediocre the aerial prime is successful a definite region.

IQAir has a real-time ranking that shows which cities person the worst levels of aerial pollution. At times this week, New York City has had immoderate of the worst aerial prime levels successful the world.

IQAir’s app besides shares wellness recommendations. When aerial prime reaches unhealthy levels, for example, IQAir recommends wearing a disguise outdoors, utilizing an aerial purifier astatine home, closing windows and avoiding outdoor exercise.

For those looking for elaborate information, the Plume Labs app shares broad maps with contamination blistery spots. The app besides has an hourly aerial prime forecast arsenic levels often displacement passim the day.

The app, disposable for iPhones and Android phones, tin besides nonstop alerts erstwhile aerial prime levels worsen.

The AirCare app shares aerial prime accusation on with adjuvant guidance. When aerial prime is healthy, the app says, “You tin respire freely.”

The app includes a tracker that monitors allergens specified arsenic tree, writer and ragweed pollen. The app besides tracks the UV index, and it provides recommendations specified arsenic “avoid prima astir noon, question shadiness and usage sunscreen,” erstwhile UV radiation from the prima is high.

Several upwind apps, specified arsenic those created by Apple, The Weather Channel and AccuWeather, each supply aerial prime levels, successful summation to upwind forecasts.

The National Weather Service besides provides details astir aerial prime online, on with resources connected aerial prime safety.

Jesus Jiménez is simply a wide duty reporter. @jesus_jimz

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