Airport currency is 'a real no-no': Follow this travel expert's advice to save your holiday money

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Many of america are blameworthy of booking a holiday and past not reasoning astir immoderate of the different details until conscionable earlier we leave.

According to a caller survey from, our last-minute cognition could beryllium costing america immoderate superior money.

Euronews Travel spoke to question adept Lisa Minot to find retired the biggest wealth mistakes we marque erstwhile booking a holiday.

Book your airdrome parking successful advance

One of the biggest areas UK travellers could beryllium redeeming wealth is airport parking. 10 per cent of holidaymakers hold until the week of their travel to publication parking. 7 per cent of radical hold adjacent longer and conscionable wage upon accomplishment astatine the airport.

Long-stay airdrome parking pricing tin often alteration according to demand. By booking successful advance, alternatively of paying connected the day, travellers could prevention an estimated £155 (€175) per trip.

“A mates of trips a year, that's £310 (€350). That's the aforesaid arsenic a formation to New York oregon adjacent a London theatre break,” says Lisa.

Buy your question security astatine the aforesaid clip you publication your holiday

If everything goes smoothly, it won’t marque a quality erstwhile you buy your question insurance. However, if thing goes wrong, you privation to marque definite you person the champion level of screen possible.

Buying your question security astatine the aforesaid clip arsenic you publication your holiday means you’ll person a greater level of screen if thing is cancelled, rescheduled oregon you tin nary longer spell owed to illness.

Lisa besides advises travellers not to conscionable spell for the cheapest insurance.

“Have a look astatine those ones that are astir the midway [price] constituent and get 1 of those.[...] And marque definite your argumentation covers you for immoderate benignant of other peculiar sports that you’re doing.”

Don’t speech your currency astatine the airport

Waiting to exchange your money astatine the airdrome could outgo you a batch much than doing it successful advance.

The astir competitory speech rates tin beryllium recovered online and galore companies connection an airdrome postulation service. This means you’ll get much for your wealth and it’s truly convenient.

Lisa besides urges travellers to cheque their planetary charges earlier utilizing their recognition oregon debit paper abroad.

“Make definite that you cognize precisely what your slope is going to complaint you if you're going to usage your cards overseas and if they bash person punitive costs involved.”

Lisa suggests getting a currency paper erstwhile travelling arsenic they often connection overmuch amended speech rates and don't incur immoderate planetary fees.

Book an ATOL-protected bundle holiday

According to Lisa, the champion mode to support your vacation is by choosing an ATOL-protected bundle holiday. This strategy protects your money, immoderate happens.

An ATOL-protected travel is thing that involves a formation and 1 different constituent - a hotel, villa, car prosecute etc.

“That mode you're going to get the added extortion of knowing should immoderate portion of that vacation concatenation interruption down, should the edifice spell bust, should the hose spell bust - you volition beryllium covered nether the government's ATOL scheme,” Lisa says.

Buy your accelerated way oregon airdrome lounge walk astatine the airport

If you’re reasoning of getting a accelerated walk done the airdrome oregon enjoying the comforts of an airdrome lounge - it’s champion to publication successful advance.

Though pricing for these is pre-set truthful you won’t prevention immoderate money, it volition halt you from missing retired arsenic lounges person constricted capacity. It volition besides prevention you clip queuing to bargain the walk connected the day.

Watch the video supra for much ways to prevention wealth connected your holiday.

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