Alec Baldwin will remain in lead role of Rust - days after being charged over shooting on the film's set

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Alec Baldwin volition stay successful the pb relation of Rust arsenic it continues filming, the movie's lawyer has confirmed.

The 64-year-old histrion is facing an involuntary manslaughter complaint pursuing the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins connected the film's acceptable successful October 2021.

Her hubby Matt volition besides stay enforcement shaper - and Joel Souza, who was injured successful the incident, is returning arsenic director.

Hutchins died connected the acceptable extracurricular Sante Fe, New Mexico, erstwhile a revolver Baldwin was rehearsing with fired with a unrecorded bullet.

Baldwin has denied work for the shooting - saying unrecorded ammunition should ne'er person been allowed connected acceptable and weapons handlers were liable for firearm safety.

The film's armourer, Hannah Gutierrez-Reed, has besides been charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Legal analysts person suggested that prosecutors whitethorn look an uphill conflict successful efforts to convict Baldwin of transgression charges without impervious helium knew unrecorded ammunition was present.

An probe by Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office has yet to uncover however unrecorded rounds got onto the movie acceptable successful the archetypal place.

Melina Spadone, the lawyer for Rust Movie Productions, told Sky News that the movie is inactive connected way to beryllium completed.

She added that the task volition see information supervisors, and volition barroom immoderate usage of moving weapons - and unrecorded ammunition is, and ever was, prohibited connected set.

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