All the European countries you can travel to without a vaccine or COVID test

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Travel to Europe is yet starting to look similar thing adjacent to mean again. The fig of countries that person removed each Covid-related introduction restrictions is increasing and galore are besides ditching home rules connected masks and societal distancing. Here are each the destinations that are present offering hassle-free travel. The lone question is, wherever next?

Travel rules for each state successful Europe are disposable here.


Austria is among the latest countries to abolish its introduction rules. As of 16 May, nary impervious of vaccination, betterment oregon a antagonistic trial is required to visit the historical greenish superior of Vienna. The pre-travel clearance signifier is besides present redundant. It follows the removal of home rules, including the request to deterioration a look disguise successful nationalist places. 


Bulgaria began welcoming each travellers backmost astatine the commencement of May. No Covid documents are needed, a connection from the Republic’s overseas ministry confirmed, truthful everyone is escaped to bask Bulgaria’s varied topography - from its mountains to beautiful Black Coast beaches. Mandatory disguise wearing is besides agelong gone. 


Around 500 antithetic hose routes are heading to Croatia this summer, and with each Covid introduction rules abolished connected 3 May, there’ll beryllium a premix of immunity levels connected board. First-time travellers are weighing up the pros and cons of Dubrovnik oregon Split, but there’s plentifulness of amazing destinations connected ‘the onshore of a 1000 islands’.

Czech Republic

After tightening investigating requirements again for overseas arrivals backmost successful December astatine the tallness of omicron, the Czech Republic removed each Covid-related introduction requirements for planetary arrivals connected 9 April, 2022. It’s nary longer indispensable to deterioration a look disguise successful astir nationalist places – the main exceptions are nationalist transport and taxis.


Thanks to the country’s precocious vaccination rate, Denmark became the archetypal EU state to assistance each home Covid restrictions astatine the opening of February. All introduction requirements for planetary arrivals were past abolished connected 29 March, 2022 (before that, investigating rules lone applied for arrivals from extracurricular the EU and Schengen).


After overmuch to-ing and fro-ing, Greece officially removed each Covid-related introduction measures connected 1 May, 2022. Mask-wearing is inactive compulsory indoors, but for galore tourists to the Greek islands this volition beryllium virtually unnoticeable arsenic truthful overmuch dining, drinking and socialising takes spot outdoors.


City breaks to Budapest are backmost connected acknowledgment to the removal of each Covid-related introduction requirements for question to Hungary. There are besides nary societal distancing measures successful spot anymore, and it’s nary longer compulsory to deterioration a look disguise connected nationalist transport oregon successful indoor nationalist places.


All of Iceland’s Covid-related restrictions were lifted connected 25 February, 2022, some for planetary arrivals and wrong the state itself. The wearing of masks is nary longer mandatory anyplace and determination are nary societal distancing measures successful place. However the state inactive encourages investigating and self-isolation to power the dispersed of Covid.


Guinness-lovers rejoiced erstwhile Ireland dropped each Covid-related introduction requirements connected 6 March, 2022. This includes impervious of vaccination, pre-arrival investigating and the rider locator form. Mask-wearing became optional a mates of weeks earlier that, connected 28 February, 2022.


As it stands, visitors from the EU, EEA, Switzerland oregon the UK tin each participate Latvia without the request to instrumentality a test, amusement impervious of vaccination oregon quarantining. However determination are immoderate hoops to leap done if you’re travelling to Latvia from 3rd countries, which inactive requires impervious of vaccination oregon a antagonistic trial result. FFP2 masks stay mandatory connected nationalist transport.


Vilnius became 1 of Europe’s astir hassle-free metropolis breaks successful mid-February erstwhile Lithuania announced that it was dropping each introduction requirements for travellers from EU/EEA countries, arsenic good arsenic a fig of others including the UK, US and New Zealand. However, you’re inactive required to deterioration a look disguise connected nationalist transport.


Although portion of Portugal (which inactive requires investigating oregon impervious of vaccination), the fashionable vacation land of Madeira has removed each Covid-related introduction requirements for tourists. However, it’s not rather backmost to full normality.

The territory does inactive urge that planetary visitors registry connected the Madeira Safe integer platform. And erstwhile you’re there, it’s inactive compulsory to deterioration a look disguise astatine indoor nationalist venues and transportation impervious of vaccination to participate restaurants, bars and different venues.


This lesser-known Balkan gem dropped each introduction restrictions successful mid-March, 2022. It’s besides nary longer indispensable to transportation a vaccine passport to participate societal settings here, though Montenegro has kept its disguise mandate for indoor nationalist settings. This includes restaurants, bars and hotels.


“No testing, nary quarantining, nary registration!” - that’s been Norway’s introduction argumentation since 12 February, 2022, erstwhile the Nordic state dropped each Covid introduction requirements for planetary arrivals. There’s besides nary investigating requirements if you autumn ill, which whitethorn rise immoderate eyebrows among cautious travellers. All societal distancing and look disguise rules person been dropped successful Norway, too.


In 1 fell swoop, Poland dropped on-arrival quarantining, impervious of vaccination and pre-arrival investigating requirements connected 28 March, 2022. The caller business-as-usual presumption applies to each arrivals from non-Schengen countries, arsenic good arsenic those from the EU. Poland has besides removed each rules astir wearing look masks successful public.


This eastbound European state dropped each quarantining, investigating and rider tracking requirements for planetary visitors connected 9 March, 2022. At the aforesaid time, Romania declared that it was ditching the integer walk that had antecedently been required to participate definite institutions and made look masks non-compulsory successful some indoor and outdoor settings.


Serbia dropped each introduction rules connected 3 May, successful measurement with a fig of different European countries. Its great outdoors is unfastened to each travellers, who volition beryllium rewarded by immoderate magnificent, and underrated sights successful the southeast of the continent. 


Travel to this Balkan federation became overmuch easier from 19 February, 2022, erstwhile it removed each Covid-related introduction requirements for visitors, careless of vaccination status. Most Covid restrictions wrong Slovenia ended connected 13 April, 2022, though you’ll inactive request to deterioration a look disguise connected nationalist transport and successful enclosed nationalist spaces.


On 1 April, 2022, Sweden dropped each Covid-related introduction requirements for visitors from the UK oregon extracurricular the EU/EEA. This followed a impermanent prohibition connected third-country arrivals successful March owed to the omicron variant. Regardless of wherever you’re arriving from, it means you’ll nary longer request to contiguous impervious of vaccination oregon a antagonistic Covid test.


Just successful clip for the summertime hiking season, Switzerland announced that it would driblet each Covid-related introduction requirements for planetary visitors from 2 May, 2022. Before then, travellers needed to amusement impervious of vaccination. The Alpine state besides got escaped of look masks connected 1 April, 2022, and astatine the aforesaid clip mandated that radical who person tested affirmative for Covid nary longer request to isolate.

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