Amazon Is Offering AI Classes for Free

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Whether you're a coder oregon a full beginner, Amazon mightiness person an AI people for you.

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Credit: Amazon

Amazon wants you to enactment successful AI. More specifically, they privation to bid you connected the skills indispensable to grip 1 of these jobs.

In a blog station connected Monday, Amazon announced "AI Ready," the company's caller inaugural to springiness 2 cardinal radical entree to escaped AI skills grooming by 2025. In total, the institution is offering 8 caller classes, for free, for varying acquisition levels and purposes. In addition, AI Ready aims to connection a caller generative AI people to much than 50,000 precocious schoolhouse and assemblage students. The institution has besides formed a caller concern with to thatch students astir generative AI.

But backmost to the escaped classes: Whether you're a full beginner to the satellite of AI, oregon you're an experienced idiosyncratic looking to boost your skills, Amazon believes it has a people for you successful AI Ready. (There are more than 80 different AI classes and resources Amazon hosts connected AWS, but not each of them are free.)

The classes scope successful length, acquisition level, and topic, and the database covers a assortment of antithetic usage cases. I tin ideate Amazon's "Introduction to Generative Artificial Intelligence" course, for example, being utile for anyone looking to summation a baseline knowing of however generative AI works.

Business and nontechnical AI classes

Amazon has 3 courses for those looking to larn AI skills for business, arsenic good arsenic different non-coding situations:

Developer and method classes

For anyone funny successful learning astir the method broadside of AI, Amazon has 5 classes to offer.

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