An apple a day can keep frailty away, study suggests

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Foods similar apples and blackberries whitethorn assistance forestall older radical from getting frail, according to a caller study.

These fruits incorporate flavonoids called quercetin and it whitethorn beryllium the astir important constituent for combatting the authorities of wellness related to the ageing process.

This bitter-tasting compound tin beryllium recovered successful fruits, vegetables, leaves, seeds, reddish onions, grains, kale, and different nutrient supplements.

The survey recovered that for each 10mg of flavanols consumed per day, frailty was reduced by 20%.

"There whitethorn beryllium immoderate validity to the aged saying, an pome a time keeps the doc [or frailty] away," said the authors.


"Individuals tin easy devour 10mg of flavanols intake per time since 1 mean sized pome has astir 10 mg of flavanols."

However, the squad besides said determination was "no significant" relation betwixt full flavonoid intake and frailty.

Co-author Shivani Sahni said: "Although determination was nary important relation betwixt full flavonoid intake and frailty, higher flavanols intake - 1 of the subclasses of flavonoids - was associated with little likelihood of processing frailty.

"Specifically, higher quercetin intake was the flavonoid that had the strongest relation with frailty prevention."

Ms Sahni said the information suggested that determination whitethorn beryllium subclasses to flavonoids that person much imaginable for preventing frailty.

Researchers said that aboriginal studies should absorption connected the dietary interventions of flavanols oregon quercetin for the attraction of frailty.

Further probe besides needs to beryllium conducted with radical from antithetic backgrounds, they said.

The findings were published successful the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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What is frailty syndrome?

According to Age UK, frailty is mostly characterised by issues similar reduced musculus spot and fatigue.

This means radical tin person comparatively "minor" wellness problems, specified arsenic urinary tract infections, that person terrible semipermanent impacts connected their health.

About 10% of radical aged implicit 65 unrecorded with it, and this fig rises to betwixt 25% and 50% for those aged implicit 85.

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