Andrea Papi: Bear JJ4 that killed Italian Alpine jogger spared death

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File pic of a carnivore  successful  the Trentino state  of ItalyImage source, Trentino province

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Bears, a protected taxon successful Italy, were reintroduced into Trentino-Alto Adige 2 decades agone (file pic)

By Kathryn Armstrong

BBC News

A carnivore that killed a jogger successful the Italian Alps has had its beingness spared for present aft a tribunal suspended an bid to person it euthanised.

Andrea Papi died successful aboriginal April successful the north-eastern portion of Trentino-Alto Adige successful an onslaught that shocked galore Italians.

The 17-year-old brownish bear, known arsenic JJ4, was aboriginal captured by parkland rangers aft DNA proved she was involved.

An bid by the authorities to termination her has present been frozen until 27 June.

The section provincial authorities has argued the carnivore needs to beryllium enactment down arsenic she has a past of attacking humans - injuring a begetter and lad portion they were hiking connected Mount Peller successful 2020.

But the Trento administrative tribunal connected Friday partially upheld an entreaty against the demolition that was made by biology groups, who assertion the carnivore is innocent.

It has called connected each parties progressive to supply much evidence, including further details of a program by those opposed to the sidesplitting to nonstop JJ4 and different bear, known arsenic MJ5, to a carnivore reserve either successful Italy oregon abroad.

MJ5, an 18-year-old antheral carnivore that has yet to beryllium captured, attacked a antheral who was walking his canine successful March and is besides facing death.

In a connection posted connected societal media, carnal rights lobby radical LAV welcomed the news, saying their rehousing plans are "concrete and real" and that it would money them.

A proceeding astir this program has been acceptable for 14 December, meaning JJ4's execution whitethorn beryllium delayed further.

Andrea Papi was fatally attacked portion jogging supra the municipality of Caldes connected the slopes of Mt Peller successful the Brenta Dolomites, prompting fearfulness and choler successful the region. He is the archetypal Italian known to person been killed by a carnivore successful caller years.

JJ4 had been with her 3 cubs erstwhile she was captured successful a tube-style carnivore trap filled with effect pursuing an intensive two-week hunt, successful which wood rangers with dogs tracked her footprints successful snowfall successful woodland successful the Meledrio valley.

All of the cubs were weaned and already autarkic of their mother.

Bears are a protected taxon successful Italy, and their colonisation has been expanding successful caller years aft they were reintroduced to the portion 2 decades ago.

JJ4's ain parents had been brought into bluish Italy from Slovenia nether the "Life Ursus" European conservation project.

Last month, Trentino politician Maurizio Fugatti said the optimal fig of chaotic bears was astir 50 and that the state present had astir 70 "excess" bears.

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