Andrew Tate and brother arrive at court over human trafficking allegations

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Controversial influencer Andrew Tate and his member Tristan person arrived astatine a Romanian tribunal aft being charged implicit allegations of quality trafficking and forming an organised transgression group.

Alongside charges of quality trafficking, Andrew Tate has besides been charged with raping 1 of the victims, portion his member has been charged with inciting others to violence.

The Tate brothers are accused of tricking 7 women into intersexual exploitation connected fake promises of a narration oregon matrimony - a method authorities person labelled the "loverboy method".

They are charged alongside 2 Romanian pistillate suspects who are accused of being portion of the alleged organised transgression group.

It is alleged each 4 formed the radical successful 2021 to perpetrate quality trafficking successful Romania and different countries - including the US and UK.

A spokesperson for the brothers said connected Tuesday that they "embrace the accidental (a trial) presents to show their innocence and vindicate their reputation".

Tate, 36, has repeatedly claimed Romanian prosecutors person nary grounds and alleged the lawsuit is simply a governmental conspiracy designed to soundlessness him.

The brothers were archetypal arrested successful a spot successful Bucharest successful December past twelvemonth and held successful custody until March - erstwhile they were released nether location arrest.

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