Andrew Tate loses appeal in Romania over extended detention

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A Romanian appeals tribunal has upheld a decision past month to widen Andrew Tate’s detention, meaning the erstwhile kickboxer, influencer and professed misogynist volition stay successful preventive custody until astatine slightest 27 February.

Tate, 36, his member Tristan, 34, and 2 Romanian pistillate suspects, 1 a erstwhile constabulary officer, were arrested successful December connected suspicion of quality trafficking, rape and forming an organised transgression radical to exploit women. All person denied wrongdoing.

Last period a justice extended their detention until the extremity of February, citing “the capableness … of the defendants to workout imperishable intelligence power implicit their victims, including by resorting to changeless acts of violence”.

That determination was upheld by the Bucharest tribunal of appeal connected Wednesday aft a little proceeding for which the Tate brothers arrived successful a constabulary van handcuffed together, with Andrew proclaiming his innocence to waiting reporters. Neither has yet been charged.

The brothers’ US ineligible adviser, Tina Glandian, who has antecedently represented the boxer Mike Tyson and the singers Chris Brown and Ke$ha, argued that their detention without complaint for much than 30 days violated their planetary quality rights.

Tate, a dual US-British citizen, was thrown disconnected the UK mentation of Big Brother successful 2016 and became notorious for his misogynistic remarks and hatred speech. He has said women are partially liable for being raped and that they “belong” to men.

After amassing millions of followers connected societal media, prompting fears that his videos were radicalising young men, helium was yet banned from each large platforms. In November helium was reinstated connected Twitter – wherever his relationship has 4.7 cardinal followers – aft Elon Musk’s acquisition of the company.

Prosecutors launched their probe past March aft 1 of the brothers allegedly raped a trafficked woman. The brothers are accused of recruiting their victims by seducing them and falsely claiming to privation a romanticist relationship.

The victims were past allegedly taken to properties extracurricular Bucharest wherever they were forced “through carnal violence, intelligence intimidation and coercion” to nutrient pornographic contented for societal media sites, generating ample profits.

The prosecution has truthful acold identified six victims, including minors. The 2 Romanian women successful custody, Georgiana Naghel and Alexandra Luana Radu, are suspected of having acted arsenic the brothers’ accomplices.

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