Antibiotics: Mum told to crush up pills for strep A baby

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OlwenImage source, Catrin Edwards

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The rash that appeared connected Olwen's assemblage aft she developed scarlet fever

By Dani Thomas

BBC Wales Live

A mum was told to crush up antibiotics pills for her 10-month-old girl due to the fact that of a shortage of medicine for children.

Catrin Edwards' babe was diagnosed with scarlet fever caused by strep A successful December past year.

But nary of the antibiotics commonly utilized for children were disposable aft a immense emergence request during the measurement A surge earlier Christmas.

Public Health Wales said usage had returned to much expected levels.

Mrs Edwards, from Taff's Well, Rhondda Cynon Taf, became acrophobic aft her babe girl Olwen developed a rash connected her body.

The 29-year-old said: "That's each we heard connected the quality was strep A - that children were dying from it, and that evidently frightened me.

"I didn't cognize overmuch astir it, but erstwhile I heard it connected the quality it was rather scary to deliberation that Olwen had it."

Mrs Edwards told BBC Wales Live that giving the pills to her girl 4 times a time by dissolving them successful bosom beverage oregon pome foodstuff took a "long time" and was "scary".

"I felt similar a chemist myself - I had to chopped the tablets up, crush it up, and past provender that to her 4 times a day," she said.

"I had to chopped it successful half, past chopped it again into a 4th past enactment it into the syringe and past flick it to marque the tablet dissolve successful the liquid.

"If you had a small spot little oregon a small spot more, I wasn't to cognize if I was giving her the close amount."

Image source, Catrin Edwards

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Catrin Edwards was disquieted aft her girl Olwen developed a rash

Last wintertime saw a large summation successful respiratory infections successful Wales and crossed the UK, astir notably strep A.

This is believed to beryllium linked to determination being much opportunities for infections to dispersed aft 3 years of Covid restrictions.

Group A strep bacteria tin origin a scope of illnesses, including scarlet fever and strep throat.

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Jonathan Lloyd Jones described the immense request for antibiotics

Jonathan Lloyd Jones runs a pharmacy successful Maesteg, Bridgend county, and said helium remembered the anxiousness caused by the strep A surge successful the country and the immense request for antibiotics.

"There was decidedly a consciousness of panic amongst galore parents. I'm a genitor myself, and I deliberation it was hard seeing those truly horrible stories connected the connected the news," helium said.

"People were queuing up the doorway each morning. It was reasonably grim erstwhile you're driving up to enactment with 30 oregon 40 children and parents waiting.

"There was a immense magnitude of antibiotics which were retired of stock, and times wherever we were incapable to enactment radical due to the fact that determination conscionable simply wasn't immoderate antibiotics oregon alternatives, particularly for children."

Some pharmacists successful Wales, including Mr Jones, tin prescribe a scope of antibiotics without the request for a GP.

He said they travel the aforesaid guidelines and enactment intimately with different wellness professionals, adding that antimicrobial absorption is "one of the large nationalist wellness crises that's facing us".

Image source, Catrin Edwards

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Baby Olwen is present doing good aft her strep A episode

Dr Eleri Davies, caput of the Harp programme by Public Health Wales which supports NHS Wales to woody with antibiotic resistance, and said the wellness strategy needed to refocus connected antibiotics usage successful airy of changes since the pandemic.

"We person for each Wales prescribing guidance successful spot which we perpetually reappraisal and revise," she said.

"In the discourse of the learning from the pandemic and the summation successful distant consultations that we person seen, we are taking that into relationship and revising our guidance."

PHW said antibiotics usage has present returned to much expected levels successful Wales, and that usage wide has fallen importantly implicit the past 10 years.

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