Apple criticised for hosting app created by Andrew Tate

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Apple has been criticised for hosting an app created by Andrew Tate that has been accused of encouraging misogyny and being an amerciable pyramid scheme.

Tate created the app, Real World Portal, aft the closure of his “Hustler’s University”, which was an online academy for his fans, promising to assistance them successful making thousands of pounds portion helping Tate’s videos connected societal media, which person been described arsenic misogyny, to spell viral.

McCue Jury & Partners, the steadfast representing 4 British women who person accused Tate of intersexual and carnal assault, has claimed that the app deliberately targets young men and encourages misogyny, including members of the app sharing techniques connected however to power and exploit women. The steadfast has besides claimed that determination is grounds to suggest that the app is an amerciable pyramid scheme, with members being charged $49.99 a period to join.

Last week, the Real World Portal app was removed from Google’s Play store aft claims that it was an amerciable pyramid strategy and encouraged misogyny.

The ineligible steadfast has besides written to Apple, asking it to see whether the app is successful enactment with its policies and whether the institution is exposing itself to immoderate firm liability successful hosting it connected its platform. At the clip of publication, Real World Portal is inactive disposable to download from Apple’s App Store.

Part of the letter, dated 15 September, said: “We are penning due to the fact that our clients are highly acrophobic that you are hosting Tate’s Real World Portal (RWP) mobile exertion connected your Apple Store … In continuing to big RWP, not lone is Apple perchance indirectly financing Tate’s alleged transgression activities but is aiding the dispersed of his misogynistic teachings.”

The steadfast has besides claimed that Apple is straight profiting from hosting the app, with the institution taking 30% successful royalties from apps and in-app purchases.

Four women successful their precocious 20s and aboriginal 30s are pursuing civilian proceedings against Tate implicit alleged offences betwixt 2013 and 2016 portion helium was inactive surviving successful the UK.

Matt Jury, the lawyer representing the women, said: “Andrew and Tristan Tate manipulate their important online pursuing to beforehand subscriptions to Real World Portal. From there, the benefits to users are wholly reliant upon caller subscribers joining the platform.

“There is besides important grounds that this strategy is straight targeting boys and teenagers and, successful my view, is thing much than an exploitative app which has nary spot connected Apple’s platform. Unless it acts immediately, for Apple to proceed to nett from Real World Portal should beryllium a root of shame, embarrassment and, rather possibly, civilian and transgression sanctions.”

Tate is awaiting proceedings successful Romania connected charges of quality trafficking. He and his member Tristan were charged successful June, on with 2 Romanian pistillate suspects, with quality trafficking, rape and forming a transgression pack to sexually exploit women. The suspects person denied the allegations.

A spokesperson for Andrew Tate said: “We unequivocally contradict the allegations that ‘The Real World’ app operates arsenic a pyramid strategy oregon perpetuates harmful techniques aimed astatine exploiting immoderate individuals, peculiarly women. The idiosyncratic community, which includes a important fig of women wrong the 200,000-strong idiosyncratic base, tin attest to the affirmative interaction and acquisition worth the app provides.

“Accusations suggesting different are unfounded, lacking credible evidence, and look to beryllium portion of a targeted run against Andrew Tate, a known protagonist and promoter of the platform. ‘The Real World’ maintains a committedness to implicit transparency, ensuring compliance with each ineligible and ethical standards. We invitation sceptics to analyse the app independently and affirm that it operates successful accordance with ineligible and motivation requirements.

“The level is designed arsenic an acquisition instrumentality that fosters steadfast wont formation, fiscal literacy, and self-discipline, with thousands of lives positively impacted. The determination by Google Play is being appealed.”

Apple has been approached for comment.

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