Are Jet2’s €1 holidays too good to be true? Here’s what you need to know about the amazing deal

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Budget hose Jet2 is giving distant summertime holidays for arsenic small arsenic 1p (12 cents).

If this sounds excessively bully to beryllium true, that’s due to the fact that the likelihood of really winning are a spot much complicated.

Every week the UK circuit relation is releasing a caller European destination successful its ‘bid for a break’ competition. Bargain hunters person a fewer days to sanction their price, and the lowest unsocial bid wins.

That means that although, successful theory, a 1p connection could beryllium enough, it’s improbable to seal the woody arsenic much radical are apt to opt for the smallest magnitude successful the anticipation of securing the prize. The astonishing strategy sent 23 fortunate holiday-makers overseas past year, with bids ranging from 2p (23 cents) to £15.29 (€17.95).

Upcoming bids see a couple’s get-away to a four-star Crete resort, followed by a week-long enactment successful a Gran Canaria edifice for 2 adults and 2 children. Next month, a enactment successful a five-star edifice successful Limassol, Cyprus is up for grabs.

“With planetary question present afloat unlocked, we cognize however overmuch UK holidaymakers privation to get distant to bask immoderate much-needed sunshine, and we are delighted to relaunch our Bid for a Break campaign,” Steve Heapy, CEO of and Jet2holidays said past month.

How bash you bid for a Jet2 holiday?

If you fancy your chances - and are up for a spontaneous European interruption if you triumph - the bidding process is beauteous straightforward.

You’ll request to download the Jet2holidays app to commencement with, caput to the ‘Offers’ page, prime ‘Bid for a break’ and capable retired a signifier with your interaction details. Then it’s cookware luck arsenic you participate your bid, to the nearest pence. Most erstwhile winners person succeeded with precise random amounts, not rounded up to the nearest pound.

The contention is targeted astatine Brits - and the packages see flights from UK airports. But it appears to beryllium unfastened to anyone successful the world.

If you were already eyeing up a vacation with Jet2 this summer, it could beryllium worthy entering anyway, arsenic unsuccessful bidders volition person a peculiar discount giving them £60 (€70) disconnected their adjacent holiday.

What are the question restrictions successful Crete, Gran Canaria and Cyprus?

Most European countries person been easing their Covid question restrictions successful clip for summer, and the invited instrumentality of tourists.

The 3 vacation hotspots wherever trips are presently up for grabs each person antithetic introduction rules.

Greece has scrapped each question restrictions, meaning visitors to Crete person nary much Covid admin to contend with. Unvaccinated radical are inactive efficaciously barred from Spain, however, and indispensable instrumentality a trial earlier arriving successful Cyprus.

Check retired our afloat database of countries that person dropped each their introduction requirements here.

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