Artificial intelligence isn't 'necessary for anything', says Musk

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Elon Musk has deed retired astatine artificial quality (AI), saying it is not "necessary for thing we're doing".

The Tesla, Twitter and SpaceX proprietor claimed super-intelligence was "a double-edged sword".

"If you person a genie that tin assistance you anything, that presents a danger," according to the billionaire, who said AI could beryllium utilized to make "drone wars".

Speaking via video nexus to the Wall Street Journal's (WSJ) CEO Council Summit successful London, Musk said helium expects governments astir the satellite to utilise AI to make weapons earlier thing else.

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AI is getting 'crazier and crazier'

"So conscionable having much precocious weapons connected the battlefield that tin respond faster than immoderate quality could is truly what AI is susceptible of."

"Any aboriginal wars betwixt precocious countries oregon astatine slightest countries with drone capableness volition beryllium precise overmuch the drone wars."

When asked if AI advances the extremity of an empire, helium replied: "I deliberation it does. I don't deliberation (AI) is indispensable for thing that we're doing."

"There's a small late-stage empire vibes close now," helium besides said.

In March, Musk was among a fig of exertion experts who urged scientists to intermission processing AI truthful it does not airs a hazard to humanity.

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Calls for intermission successful AI research

More than 1,000 radical signed an unfastened letter demanding each labs halt grooming AI systems for astatine slightest six months.

They called for a impermanent halt to the "dangerous race" to make systems much almighty than OpenAI's recently launched GPT-4.

If specified a intermission cannot beryllium enacted quickly, the missive says governments should measurement successful and institute a moratorium.

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The prevalence of AI has accrued massively successful caller years, with systems specified arsenic chatbot ChatGPT rapidly becoming portion of mundane life.

The occurrence of ChatGPT and representation procreation tools similar Midjourney has supercharged an AI arms contention betwixt established tech giants Microsoft and Google, with the erstwhile backing OpenAI's software and its long-time rival developing its ain Bard chatbot.

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Will this chatbot regenerate humans?

While they person impressed with their quality to walk exams, write speeches, and lick equations, sceptics person warned they could beryllium utilized to dispersed misinformation and assistance transgression activity.

Musk said: "One of the archetypal places you request to beryllium cautious of wherever AI is utilized is societal media to manipulate nationalist opinion."

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When asked however large a displacement it volition beryllium successful the upcoming US statesmanlike election, helium replied: "I deliberation it's thing we request to beryllium connected the lookout for successful the mode of minimising the interaction of AI manipulation.

"We're surely taking that earnestly astatine Twitter and I deliberation we're putting successful each the protections to observe large-scale manipulation of the system."

Meanwhile, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis volition denote his 2024 statesmanlike run successful a Twitter Spaces lawsuit with Musk connected Wednesday.

Mr DeSantis, seen arsenic Donald Trump's starring rival for the Republican nomination, volition uncover his plans successful an audio speech with the proprietor of Twitter.

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