Asteroid mining: Helping to meet Earth's natural resource demands

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By Spencer Kelly
BBC Click presenter

Image source, Asteroid Mining Corporation Ltd

"They fundamentally clasp connected to the broadside of the asteroid for beloved beingness arsenic it screams done the star system."

Mitch Hunter-Scullion is describing a six-legged robot called Scar-e, the Space Capable Asteroid Robotic Explorer, which helium aims to nonstop to an asteroid to drill for precious metals specified arsenic iron, nickel and platinum.

As good arsenic being progressively indispensable for phones, laptops and cars, immoderate metal-rich minerals similar platinum volition besides beryllium needed to assistance nutrient hydrogen arsenic we modulation to greener energy.

With lone a finite proviso of them connected world - radical are progressively looking to abstraction to conscionable this accrued demand.

That's wherever Scar-e comes in. Its almighty claw, designed successful concern with Tohoku University successful Japan, should grip connected to an asteroid successful abstraction to halt it from floating away.

It has been inspired by the mode tarantulas bent connected to walls.

Image source, AMC/Space Robotics Lab astatine Tohoku University

Image caption,

The inspiration for this robot claw came from the mode tarantulas grip connected to walls

"I americium terrified of spiders", Mitch says, "so I thought that was rather appropriate."

Mitch is the laminitis of the Asteroid Mining Corporation (AMC). He admits pulling disconnected specified a feat is inactive a just mode off.

Not lone would it impact landing robots connected a rock, but besides remotely gathering mining infrastructure, and past someway sending the materials backmost to Earth.

But it's casual to spot wherefore helium and others privation to springiness it a try.

A caller golden (or platinum) mining rush?

Asteroids are made of the aforesaid worldly arsenic the remainder of the rocky planets successful our star strategy - and that means they are besides affluent successful immoderate precious minerals we spell to large lengths (and depths) to excavation present connected Earth.

Finding ample deposits of platinum connected an asteroid, for example, says Mitch, "would let humanity to commencement innovating successful a mode we haven't done successful rather a while".

Getting resources retired of asteroids presents a antithetic situation to getting them from Earth, says Prof John Bridges, a University of Leicester idiosyncratic progressive successful the Hayabusa2 mission.

This is due to the fact that these small, inert abstraction rocks person not undergone the aforesaid geological processes arsenic their monolithic planetary cousins.

"They haven't gone done the… melting, volcanism and upland forming, which enactment to ore immoderate of the elements successful peculiar parts of the crust. So that's wherefore connected Earth we tin person a excavation [in a peculiar place] to extract uncommon world elements."

On an asteroid, "all the elements volition inactive beryllium there", helium says, "but they'll conscionable beryllium scattered. Nature hasn't had a accidental to ore it into ore veins, for example".

And that means asteroid miners would person to process an atrocious batch of material, for it to beryllium worthwhile.

Prof Bridges believes commercialized abstraction mining is simply a "fascinating area", but is doubtful it volition lick the world's assets problem.

The trick, Mitch says, volition beryllium uncovering the close asteroid. And that's wherever Dr Natasha Stephen and her electron microscope travel in.

The stone prima that fell to Earth

I ne'er thought I'd interaction a portion of the Moon, but that's what's successful my manus astatine the Plymouth Electron Microscopy Centre.

Image caption,

A fragment of satellite stone recovered by locals successful north-west Africa

It's a tiny portion of meteorite which fell to Earth successful the Sahara, and has been identified arsenic a fragment of Moon stone flung into abstraction by a erstwhile interaction connected the lunar surface.

Many meteorites travel not from the Moon, however, but from asteroids, and Natasha is utilizing the electron microscope to catalogue the elements contained wrong them.

And the hunt is connected for meteorites, and hence their genitor asteroids, that are affluent successful the close benignant of stuff.

Image caption,

Natural elements displayed connected machine screen

"If we find a attraction of platinum successful 1 of our meteorites," she explains, "we tin archer the AMC guys … present it's implicit to you. Go and find that benignant of asteroid successful the data."

Who owns space?

Once a promising asteroid has been identified, though, there's the tricky substance of moving retired to whom it belongs.

Dhara Patel, from the UK's National Space Centre, explains that erstwhile it comes to who owns what, abstraction instrumentality is not acceptable for purpose.

Nothing has yet been written astir whether immoderate 1 federation oregon institution tin assertion ownership implicit an asteroid, parts of the Moon, oregon the riches that prevarication beneath the surface.

And erstwhile the rewards could tally into trillions of pounds, it's casual to spot however disputes, ineligible battles, and adjacent existent battles could occur.

Image source, National Space Centre

Image caption,

"Space exploration has developed a lot" since the Outer Space Treaty was drawn up, says Dhara Patel of the National Space Centre

In 1966, the United Nations (UN) drew up the Outer Space Treaty, which attempted to halt nations from misusing and mistreating space, and which was signed up to by much than 100 countries.

"The Outer Space Treaty says 'space is the state of each mankind'. The occupation is that it lacks detail," Dhara says.

"We're utilizing a pact that was formed implicit 50 years ago, and abstraction exploration has developed a batch since then."

Nasa, present readying a instrumentality to the Moon, has drafted its Artemis Accords - a much elaborate acceptable of principles focused connected exploration of the Moon, Mars and different celestial bodies.

But these are inactive vague connected whether immoderate institution oregon federation tin assertion ownership implicit resources extracted.

Several countries person signed up to the Artemis Accords, but Dhara believes we request a planetary approach.

"It astir apt starts with utilizing the UN arsenic a baseline, and making definite policies we enactment successful place…are connected an planetary level."

Image caption,

Spencer and Dhara airs for a selfie with a transcript of the Outer Space Treaty

Mitch is confident, however, that nether existing principles, determination are existing rules that support aboriginal miners.

"Whoever gets determination archetypal would person precedence rights."

So first-come, first-served, basically. It could conscionable beryllium 1 large golden unreserved aft all.

All of this is, of course, decades distant from reality, and whether it volition beryllium entrepreneurs similar Mitch, mega-billionaires similar Elon Musk, oregon full nations that extremity up becoming master-miners is anyone's guess.

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