Asylum seekers ‘degraded’ at detention centre: key points from Brook House inquiry

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The Brook House enquiry report, published connected Tuesday, has been described arsenic a searing indictment of migration detention, wherever migrants who are not being punished for a transgression offence are locked up indefinitely.

The study was commissioned due to the fact that undercover footage obtained by the BBC’s Panorama squad provided grounds of suffering by galore detainees. The study includes moving pen portraits of immoderate of those detained.

‘Humiliated and degraded’

A antheral calved successful St Vincent and the Grenadines joined the British service successful 2001 and served arsenic a Commonwealth worker for 11 and a fractional years. He was diagnosed with PTSD, turned to intoxicant arsenic a coping mechanics and past went to prison. He was taken to Brook House and whenever helium heard doors banging thought it was an explosion, threw himself to the level and became breathless and panicked. He experienced thorax pains and was taken to infirmary by guards. When helium wanted to usage the toilet successful the infirmary helium was attached to a defender by a agelong chain. He said helium felt “so humiliated and degraded by the experience”.

‘I thought I was going to die’

An Egyptian antheral claimed asylum successful the UK successful 2014. His assertion was based connected “horrible maltreatment and torture” helium said helium had experienced successful Egypt. The antheral spent immoderate clip successful situation and was past detained. He self-harmed, putting a T-shirt astir his cervix and a artillery successful his mouth. He said that 1 of the guards sat connected his caput and tried to strangle him. “I thought I was going to die, that the antheral doing this to maine was going to termination me,” helium said. He added that helium did not kick due to the fact that helium thought this maltreatment was mean successful a UK detention centre, and was told that the defender who attacked him was “just doing his job”’. He suffered from PTSD and was diagnosed with large depressive disorder. “People who person intelligence wellness problems similar maine should not beryllium successful there,” helium said.

‘Please bash thing astir it’

A Nigerian antheral who came to the UK successful June 2015 and joined an EU national told the enquiry helium was unlawfully detained and said the interaction connected his intelligence wellness was “crushing”. After his clip successful detention helium was diagnosed with PTSD and has flashbacks and nightmares. “I don’t commune anyone experiences it, and portion of the crushed I came to this enquiry is to [ask you to] delight bash thing astir it.”

‘Treated similar an animal’

A antheral calved successful Somaliland who came to the UK arsenic a 10-year-old spent immoderate clip successful attraction and successful situation earlier being detained for 987 days, including 563 days successful Brook House. He said officers were racially abusive towards him and complained astir excessive usage of unit against him. His member died portion helium was detained but helium wasn’t allowed to be the funeral. His intelligence wellness deteriorated and helium attempted suicide, “I was treated similar an animal, thing little than human,” helium said.

‘Very hard and frightening’

A Jamaican man, who had lived successful the UK for 22 years and was visually impaired, struggled successful Brook House. He said helium was fixed precise small assistance to navigate the centre and struggled to determination astir betwixt his compartment and different areas. “It was precise hard and frightening for maine astatine Brook House, being astir blind. I didn’t cognize anyone determination and I couldn’t spot different detainees properly,” helium said.

‘Guinea pig for Spice’

An Iranian antheral who arrived successful the UK successful November 2012 spent immoderate clip successful situation and past 422 days successful Brook House, on with a play of clip successful different detention centres. He experienced intelligence wellness problems and a foundation who visited him recorded that helium was unaware helium was being detained and that helium was successful England. The antheral was bullied by different detainees and forced to beryllium a guinea pig for supplies of the psychoactive cause Spice that was being smuggled into Brook House. In August 2018 helium was sectioned nether the Mental Health Act and successful 2019 helium was granted discretionary permission to stay successful the UK.

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