Attenborough's Wild Isles shows us our own 'spectacular' nature

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Watch: Key moments from David Attenborough's caller BBC series, Wild Isles

Sir David Attenborough says there's ne'er been a much important clip to put successful the quality successful our ain backyard.

Wildlife successful the British Isles tin beryllium conscionable arsenic "dramatic and spectacular" arsenic thing elsewhere, helium says.

After travelling the satellite to marque quality documentaries, the 96-year-old shines a airy connected British earthy past for the archetypal time.

Nearly fractional of British wildlife taxon person declined since 1970.

"Though affluent successful places Britain arsenic a full is 1 of the astir quality depleted countries successful the world," Sir David says portion filming connected determination astatine a puffin colony connected Skomer Island disconnected the westbound seashore of Wales.

"Never has determination been a much important clip to put successful our ain wildlife - to effort and acceptable an illustration for the remainder of the satellite and reconstruct our erstwhile chaotic isles for aboriginal generations."

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The bid filmed wrong a gannet colony astatine Bass Rock successful Scotland

The TV presenter and naturalist is good known for his celebrated wildlife bid specified arsenic Blue Planet, credited with inspiring enactment connected problems similar integrative pollution.

He has said 1 of his regrets is spending truthful overmuch clip moving connected overseas earthy past programmes alternatively than focusing connected wildlife person to home.

Sir David is present fronting a five-part bid which aims to underscore the challenges affecting quality wrong the British Isles and alert audiences to the taxon vanishing connected their doorstep.

The show's producers said Sir David had agreed to narrate Wild Isles from the commencement and was aboriginal approached astir presenting it, due to the fact that of his uncommon position connected however the British countryside has changed during his beingness of astir a century.

Series producer, Alistair Fothergill, who has worked with David Attenborough for 35 years, wanted to telephone attraction to the UK's internationally important wildlife and habitats, from seabirds to chalk streams.

"We are globally important for quality - and I don't deliberation galore radical successful Britain admit that," helium said.

"It was precise important to america to say, this [nature] is truly precious, but astatine the aforesaid clip it's fragile."

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In spring, orcas sojourn the Shetlands to hunt for seals

Camera crews went retired for months to movie rarely-seen carnal behaviour moving with the latest exertion specified arsenic drones and slow-motion cameras.

They seizure moments of precocious drama, specified arsenic orcas hunting seals disconnected the seashore of Scotland and white-tailed eagles chasing a flock of barnacle geese. The birds - which are making a comeback successful the UK - are seen pulling a goose down from the entity successful a behaviour that has ne'er been filmed earlier successful the British Isles.

The crews visited implicit 145 locations during the people of 3 years to bring to beingness the glories of quality successful our ain backyard.

The bid besides explores little-known episodes of earthy past beneath our feet, specified arsenic what goes connected wrong a woodland works being pollinated by flies.

The shaper of the archetypal episode, Hilary Jeffkins, said these intimate small-scale stories were arsenic important to unravel.

"These are stories that are connected our doorsteps," she said. "When we are retired walking we tin person a look."

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Damselflies fanning wings arsenic they mate connected a Wiltshire river

Scientific advisor connected the series, Dr Philip Wheeler of the Open University, said helium hoped the programmes would make nationalist consciousness of quality nonaccomplishment adjacent to home.

The bid is released soon aft astir 200 countries pledged to support 30% of lands and seas for quality by 2030 astatine the UN quality acme successful Montreal.

"I deliberation it tin marque a batch of quality successful presumption of shifting the speech and the narrative," Dr Wheeler told BBC News.

"It's not conscionable the quality nerds and the conservation assemblage talking - this speech spills retired into the wider nationalist and into the governmental arena arsenic well."

The bid was co-produced and co-funded by 2 conservation charities, WWF and RSPB, and the Open University.

A BBC spokesperson said: "The bid producers made their ain editorial decisions connected what to see successful the last programme and editorial power for the bid rests with the BBC."

Wild Isles is broadcast connected BBC One connected Sunday.

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