Australia news live: Ben Roberts-Smith defamation case fallout; minimum wage rise to be revealed

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New probe shows Australia is lagging down Europe and different parts of the satellite successful regulating online wagering, Josh Taylor writes successful an exclusive.

According to caller investigation from the Alliance for Gambling Reform, Australia is acold down countries specified arsenic Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Spain successful curbing gambling advertisements, oregon online gambling.

A parliamentary enquiry into online gambling and its associated harms is owed to study backmost successful the coming weeks. The committee’s chair, Labor MP Peta Murphy, has antecedently said the inquiry’s last study would see “what different jurisdictions person and are doing to trim gambling harm”.

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Good greeting and invited to our rolling quality sum of each things Australian and political. I’m Stuart MacFarlane, taking a look astatine the main breaking stories this greeting earlier Natasha May takes the controls.

The fallout from yesterday’s judgement successful the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation case is continuing, with the Australian War Memorial facing calls to region Roberts-Smith’s azygous from its display.

In a landmark defamation lawsuit ruling connected Thursday, Justice Anthony Besanko recovered that, connected the equilibrium of probabilities, Roberts-Smith kicked a handcuffed captive disconnected a cliff successful Darwan successful 2012 earlier ordering a subordinate Australian worker to sprout the injured antheral dead.

Besanko besides recovered that successful 2009 Roberts-Smith ordered the execution of an aged antheral recovered hiding successful a passageway successful a bombed-out compound codenamed “Whiskey 108”, arsenic good arsenic murdering a disabled antheral with a prosthetic limb during the aforesaid mission.

In Canberra astir politicians were reluctant to measurement successful connected the implications of the ruling but the Greens described the defamation judgement arsenic “an important triumph for fearless journalism successful the nationalist interest”.

Millions of Australians connected grant and minimum wages are acceptable to find retired however overmuch much they volition beryllium paid. But economists pass a too-generous emergence could adhd to unit connected the Reserve Bank to propulsion up involvement rates adjacent week.

The Fair Work Commission volition broadcast online the effect of its latest wage reappraisal astatine 10am AEST today, which is expected to interaction connected 2.67 cardinal of the lowest-paid Australians.

Last twelvemonth the sheet divided its determination by awarding a 5.2% summation to 180,000 workers connected the lowest minimum wage, successful enactment with ostentation astatine the time. As well, the umpire outlined an summation of $40 a week oregon astatine slightest 4.6% for 2.6 cardinal radical connected higher grant rates.

The Albanese authorities has recommended to the committee that it “ensures the existent wages of Australia’s low-paid workers bash not spell backwards”.

With ostentation astatine 6.8% successful the twelvemonth to April, this would necessitate a wage emergence of astatine slightest 6.9%.

The premier minister, Anthony Albanese, will deliver the keynote code astatine a large determination information forum successful Singapore, earlier travelling to Vietnam.

The speech, to beryllium fixed successful beforehand of the likes of the US defence secretary, Lloyd Austin, and elder Chinese defence officials tonight, is being flagged arsenic his astir important planetary information code this year.

Convened by the International Institute for Strategic Studies, the Shangri-La dialog is the premier forum for authorities leaders and experts to sermon determination security.

Albanese said helium would outline “Australia’s imaginativeness for a stable, peaceful and prosperous Indo-Pacific”.

With each that, let’s statesman …

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