Australia news live: China denies ‘irresponsible accusations’ over naval encounter, GP distribution to be reviewed

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Martin Farrer

Martin Farrer

Good greeting and invited to our rolling quality blog. I’m Martin Farrer and I’ve got immoderate of our champion overnight stories earlier Emily Wind takes you done the bulk of the day.

Our apical communicative this greeting is an interview with a clime idiosyncratic who archetypal raised concerns astir the warming planet. Kicking disconnected a three-part peculiar bid called The value of the world, Graeme Pearman tells however successful 1971 helium travelled the satellite with six flasks of aerial to assistance beryllium C02 levels was rising. Almost 50 years aboriginal Pearman asks himself: “Where did I spell wrong?” We besides person a video of Graeme sharing his frustration with the deficiency of enactment and a Full Story episode.

China has responded angrily to reports that 1 of its warships deployed sonar that injured an Australian navy diver, denying what it called a “reckless” accusation. More connected that soon.

And much soon besides connected banking, vigor and gambling companies who volition lend $30m to fiscal counselling services for Australian customers arsenic the cost-of-living situation eats into household budgets. The minutes of the RBA’s past monetary argumentation gathering are owed retired this greeting arsenic good and they mightiness springiness immoderate hints astir whether we tin expect different hike successful rates adjacent month.

The wellness curate is contiguous announcing a reappraisal into however Australia distributes its healthcare workers, hopefully identifying areas that find it hard to pull and support doctors.

And tensions betwixt the NSW and national Labor governments are rising up of the last planned nationalist furniture of the year, with the state’s premier, Chris Minns, insisting helium was not “whingeing” arsenic helium demanded much backing for constabulary and infrastructure.

With each that, let’s begin.

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