Australia news live: investigation begins into huge Sydney fire; boy to face Perth court after alleged school shooting

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Authorities praise Sydney residents for speedy evacuation arsenic occurrence raged

Fire and Rescue NSW Supt Adam Dewberry praised radical surviving successful apartments and different buildings adjacent the country of the immense occurrence successful Sydney yesterday for evacuating promptly erstwhile aggregate occurrence alarms went off.

He besides said quick-thinking firefighters prevented the flames from destroying adjacent buildings by hosing them down and stopping the occurrence from spreading.

There were immoderate fires that dispersed into the flat buildings … firefighters were capable to extinguish those and forestall them further penetrating into the buildings and causing important damage.

A partition  collapses during the occurrence  successful  Sydney.
A partition collapses during the occurrence successful Sydney. Photograph: Dean Lewins/AP

Supt Dewberry said it was believed the 2 buildings progressive successful the blaze were vacant.

It was an incredibly aggravated occurrence and the property of the building, the benignant of operation with tons of timber frames and floors, and with that, precise good seasoned and adust timber.

Our firefighters person done a fantastic occupation to get connected apical of this fire.

Supt Dewberry said determination were nary reports of injuries to members of the nationalist and lone 1 firefighter suffered a insignificant pain to his arm.


Good greeting and invited everyone to our unrecorded sum of the Australian quality day. I’m Martin Farrer and I’ll beryllium bringing you the champion of the overnight stories earlier my workfellow Natasha May steps up to the sheet shortly.

Firefighters and constabulary volition contiguous statesman their probe into the immense blaze successful Sydney that destroyed a seven-storey gathering adjacent to the city’s Central presumption yesterday. More than 120 firefighters with 30 occurrence trucks battled the blaze astatine a heritage-listed erstwhile chapeau mill successful Surry Hills which broke retired astatine astir 4pm, sending fiery debris crashing to the crushed successful Randle Street. Fire and Rescue NSW Supt Adam Dewberry told ABC News it was unthinkable nary 1 was wounded successful 1 of the city’s biggest fires successful years.

Also this morning, we person an exclusive interrogation with Greens leader Adam Bandt. He tells our main governmental correspondent, Paul Karp, that the authorities can’t number connected his party’s enactment for its “weak” changes to petroleum assets rent tax. In stinging remarks, Bandt says it is not wide the changes volition bring successful immoderate further gross and the argumentation was “written by the state lobby” truthful “it’s not worthy the napkin it was written connected aft a agelong lunch”. More connected this 1 coming up.

A 15-year-old lad has been charged with aggregate offences aft helium allegedly drove to a schoolhouse successful Perth, Western Australia and changeable astatine a schoolroom arsenic frightened students hid successful fear. Police past nighttime charged him with a number of driving without authority, 3 counts of possessing an unlicensed firearm and ammunition, discharging a firearm to origin fear, possessing a prohibited limb and acting unlawfully with intent to harm. The lad was expected to look the Perth children’s tribunal this morning.

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