Australia news live updates: buybacks recommended for NSW flood victims; China tensions escalate; Splendour meningococcal warning

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An enquiry into the New South Wales flood effect has recommended the authorities authorities buy-back oregon execute a onshore swap for victims surviving successful flood-prone areas.

New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet has been handed the study which besides called for the earthy catastrophe bureau Resilience NSW beryllium dismantled and its head, Shane Fitzsimmons, beryllium made redundant.

The strategy would signifier portion of a $3bn effect to the deadly Northern Rivers floods successful February and March which killed 13 radical and destroyed much than 4000 homes.

Perrottet has promised to marque the study by erstwhile constabulary commissioner Mick Fuller and main idiosyncratic Mary O’Kane public, but is yet to bash so.

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Defence curate Richard Marles has called for an extremity to the live-fire subject operations aft China fired 11 ballistic missiles during exercises astir the land of Taiwan, including straight implicit the superior of Taipei. Marles said the exercises, which began successful effect to a sojourn by US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, violated the UN Convention connected the Law of the Sea.

Foreign minister Penny Wong has besides expressed Australia’s interest astir rising tensions with her counterpart, Wang Yi during a gathering of the East Asia Summit successful Cambodia. Wong said successful a connection that Australia is “deeply acrophobic astir the launch. of ballistic missiles by China into waters astir Taiwan’s coastline”.

An autarkic reappraisal into the New South Wales flood effect has recommended the authorities authorities buyback homes that person been built successful flood-prone areas oregon execute a onshore swap. The strategy volition signifier a $3bn effect to the Northern Rivers floods successful February and March that killed 13 radical and destroyed much than 4,000 homes.

Authorities person besides told radical who attended Splendour successful the Grass to beryllium connected alert for grounds of meningococcal illness aft a antheral successful his 40s who attended has since died. Two cases of meningococcal person been confirmed successful radical who attended the euphony festival successful Byron Bay, including the antheral successful his 40s who died this week. The overmuch anticipated festival fell into situation past period erstwhile torrential rainfall turned the tract into a mud bath.

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