Australian wives and children of Islamic State fighters to return ‘to where they left from’

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The wives and children of Islamic State fighters who are repatriated to Australia volition instrumentality “to wherever they near from”, the national authorities has said aft a gathering with 3 occidental Sydney mayors.

The authorities won’t uncover nonstop locations, citing nationalist information concerns, but the location affairs minister, Clare O’Neil, said it was not close to presume they were each being settled successful a peculiar place.

The Fairfield mayor, Frank Carbone, said it had been made wide astatine the gathering that occidental Sydney would not beryllium utilized arsenic a “dumping ground” for the erstwhile IS affiliates.

O’Neil said determination was “a batch of misinformation” astir wherever members of the radical were being resettled.

“The radical are coming backmost to wherever they near from,” she told reporters connected Friday.

“We person thought astir this precise carefully. We person worked connected this substance implicit a fig of months.”

Cabinet workfellow Chris Bowen, whose national electorate of McMahon covers immoderate of the mayors’ section authorities areas, said helium lone learned this twelvemonth a akin resettlement had occurred successful 2019 nether the erstwhile Morrison government.

“I was utterly kept successful the dark. The mayors were utterly kept successful the dark. The assemblage did not know,” Bowen said, contrasting this with his government’s approach.

Carbone, on with the Liverpool mayor, Ned Mannoun, and the Campbelltown mayor, George Greiss, received a information briefing from O’Neil and Asio agents regarding the returnees connected Friday.

“There’s nary uncertainty it was an unfastened and honorable discussion,” Carbone said. “Hopefully they’ve learned a batch astir … the concerns we person present successful this region.

“The curate took connected committee … that the existent victims are the refugees, those radical who really fled [IS].”

In October, the authorities repatriated 4 Australian women and 13 children who had been stranded successful Syria’s Roj exile campy since the decision of IS.

None were being resettled successful Fairfield, Carbone said.

“It’s wide to maine aft this treatment that occidental Sydney volition not beryllium utilized arsenic a dumping ground,” helium added.

“If the families [of the returnees] are successful Melbourne, they volition beryllium repatriated successful Melbourne. They volition beryllium repatriated successful Perth and Queensland [if that’s wherever they travelled from].”

The talks connected Friday travel aft the mayors told the premier minister, Anthony Albanese, determination were assemblage concerns astir the returnees.

Their resettlement has raised fears that exile communities successful the area, specified arsenic Yazidis and Assyrians, who were targeted by IS, could beryllium re-traumatised.

Mannoun said galore precocious arrived refugees from Iraq and Syria had fled the IS militia.

Cabinet curate Jason Clare said the erstwhile Coalition authorities had repatriated radical from the camps to his Blaxland electorate, besides successful Sydney’s west.

Earlier this week, the Australian national constabulary commissioner, Reece Kershaw, confirmed investigations were nether mode into whether the returned wives had breached laws connected travelling to warfare zones, including Syria.

The women had cooperated with police, helium said.

IS was ousted successful 2019 from the past of the territory it held crossed Syria and Iraq. At its highest successful 2014, the radical controlled ample swathes of some countries.

The convulsive question attracted thousands of overseas fighters, including Australian citizens, astir 50 of whom were killed successful the conflicts successful Syria and Iraq.

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