Bali Elevator Plunges Into Ravine, Killing 5

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The clang successful Bali, an Indonesian land wherever tourism drives the economy, is nether investigation. The victims were portion of the resort’s housekeeping staff.


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Security camera footage showed the elevator car plunging into a ravine.CreditCredit...Viral Press via Associated Press

Sept. 7, 2023, 12:09 a.m. ET

The constabulary successful the Indonesian edifice land of Bali are investigating however the cablegram of an elevator car snapped astatine a mountainside luxury resort, sending the car plunging into a ravine and yet sidesplitting each 5 workers inside.

The clang occurred past Friday astatine Ayuterra Resort successful the Ubud country of Bali, an Indonesian land wherever tourism drives the economy and draws hospitality workers from section villages.

Two of the 5 members of the resort’s housekeeping unit who were wrong the elevator car erstwhile the cablegram broke died astatine the site, the constabulary told section quality media outlets. The different 3 died successful the infirmary from their injuries.

The Ubud constabulary chief, I Made Uder, told the section quality media this week that the alloy enactment lifting the elevator was not beardown enough, and that its information brake did not work. But helium added that constabulary were inactive investigating the accident’s nonstop cause.

Jansen Avitus Panjaitan, a spokesperson for the Bali police, declined to remark Thursday morning, saying that the probe was inactive underway.

Representatives for Ayuterra Resort did not instantly respond to a petition for remark connected Thursday. The resort’s website advertises what it calls a “back to nature” impermanent acquisition that includes glass-lined bedrooms and views of a forest, a upland and a river.

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