BBC came under No 10 pressure to avoid using ‘lockdown’ in early pandemic, leak shows

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BBC editors asked their journalists to debar utilizing the connection “lockdown” successful reporting astatine the commencement of the pandemic and to beryllium much captious of Labour aft unit from Downing Street, leaked email and WhatsApp messages show.

Emails and messages were shown to the Guardian amid interest among immoderate BBC insiders that the corp has been excessively cowed by the authorities successful caller years.

The messages seen by the Guardian day from 2020 to 2022, and amusement the BBC coming nether unit from No 10 implicit the corporation’s governmental reporting.

One email shows a elder exertion informing correspondents that Downing Street was requesting them not to usage the connection “lockdown” successful narration to the shutdown ordered by Boris Johnson connected 23 March 2020 – the time the archetypal lockdown was announced.

The email, sent to correspondents astatine conscionable aft 6pm connected the time lockdown was announced, was labelled: IMPORTANT ADVISORY – connection re broadcast. “Hi each – D st are asking if we tin debar the connection ‘lockdown’. I’m told the connection volition beryllium that they privation to support pushing radical to enactment astatine location but they are not talking astir enforcement astatine the moment,” it said.

Reporters argued unsuccessfully against the proposal and frankincense the website and broadcasts connected that time spoke astir “curbs” and “restrictions” connected regular life, portion different outlets, specified arsenic rival broadcaster Sky, were referring to “lockdown”.

The Daily Mail splashed “Lockdown Britain” crossed its beforehand leafage the adjacent morning, portion the Metro header was “Britain connected Lockdown”.

Daily Mail’s ‘Lockdown Britain’ header  connected  24 March 2022
Daily Mail splashed ‘Lockdown Britain’ crossed its beforehand leafage aft the UK was placed nether Covid lockdown but the BBC avoided the connection aft unit from No 10. Photograph: Daily Mail

In different WhatsApp connection from Sunday 24 October 2021, a elder exertion asked journalists to marque sum much captious of Labour aft a ailment from No 10.

The connection reads: “D St complaining that we’re not reflecting Labour’s messiness of program b online. i.e. Ashworth said it earlier this week, past reversed. Can we crook up the scepticism a spot connected this?”

The connection was sent connected the time Rachel Reeves confirmed Labour was calling for Plan B Covid restrictions, a argumentation initially announced by shadiness wellness caput Jonathan Ashworth, which was being resisted by the government.

Downing Street argued Labour kept changing its presumption connected Covid restrictions and a enactment was added to the BBC online communicative to that effect.

A 3rd leaked connection from 2022 shows a elder exertion circulated a connection to BBC governmental journalists from the past No 10 manager of communications the time aft a code by Johnson successful which helium compared Ukraine’s conflict against Russia to the British people’s ballot for Brexit.

The connection from the No 10 adjutant included a tweet from the Ukrainian embassy and read: “Hi, worthy sharing with immoderate newsman misinterpreting the PM’s speech. I travelled location with the ambassador. He astir decidedly did NOT deliberation the PM was equating Brexit with Ukraine. He heard him accidental v intelligibly thing similar this since the 1940s.”

One insider said circulating the connection had a chilling effect connected however the BBC covered the story.

Another leaked connection showed the BBC shying distant from a communicative that was perchance damaging to the past premier minister, though determination is nary grounds of immoderate unit from Downing Street.

In an email, a elder exertion congratulated correspondents for staying distant from the taxable of Jennifer Arcuri aft the American tech entrepreneur gave an interrogation to a paper successful October 2020 appearing to corroborate an affair with Johnson, pursuing allegations that helium utilized his presumption arsenic London politician to unafraid favourable attraction for her.

BBC HQ, London
Messages seen by the Guardian from 2020 to 2022 amusement the BBC coming nether unit from No 10 implicit the corporation’s governmental reporting. Photograph: Dominic Lipinski/PA

The connection to governmental correspondents from 17 October 2020 said: “[XXX] did a fantastic occupation past nighttime keeping america distant from this story. I’d similar to proceed that distance. It’s not a communicative we should beryllium doing astatine this stage. Please telephone maine if you’re asked to.”

The email went to the BBC journalists and producers based astatine the corporation’s Millbank HQ successful Westminster – they construe governmental quality stories for tens of millions of Britons crossed much than 50 broadcast outlets successful the UK, arsenic good arsenic online.

One BBC insider said: “Particularly connected the website, our headlines person been determined by calls from Downing Street connected a precise regular basis.”

They said the messages would person been a tiny snapshot of what was going on, due to the fact that astir unit was applied verbally alternatively than written down.

The root said absorption appeared to beryllium disquieted astir losing entree to politicians and briefings from No 10 if they crossed the Downing Street operation.

The BBC’s quality to withstand disapproval from the authorities has been nether scrutiny successful caller days pursuing the suspension of shot commentator Gary Lineker for a tweet likening No 10’s argumentation connected refugees crossing the transmission to the connection of Nazi Germany.

The occurrence has raised questions implicit the director-general, Tim Davie, who has espoused a argumentation of strict impartiality. The thrust for impartiality has coincided with an exodus of apical BBC journalists, with immoderate frustrated with the mode the absorption was interpreting this policy.

Senior journalists specified arsenic Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel near past twelvemonth to jointhe BBC’s commercialized rival LBC, wherever determination is much editorial freedom.

Jennifer Arcuri appearing connected  ITV’s ‘Good Morning Britain’ amusement   successful  2019
A elder BBC exertion congratulated correspondents for not covering an interrogation Jennifer Arcuri gave to a paper successful October 2020 erstwhile she appeared to corroborate an matter with Boris Johnson. Photograph: Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

A BBC spokesperson said: “The BBC makes its ain autarkic editorial decisions and nary of these messages amusement otherwise.

“Like each quality organisations, we are often contacted by representatives from each governmental parties.

“Selective retired of discourse messages from a colleagues’ WhatsApp radical and email bash not springiness an close reflection of the BBC’s editorial determination making.”

A BBC root said WhatsApp groups were an informal mode of sharing information, and it was “normal for journalists to person discussions and debates astir however worldly is reported and the connection used”.

They added that the BBC had a wide work to its audiences to contiguous the authoritative authorities proposal and accusation arsenic accurately arsenic imaginable during the pandemic and determination had been nary prohibition connected the connection “lockdown”.

They said the communicative successful narration to Labour calling for Plan B was not wide captious of Labour, and that the connection forwarded from the No 10 manager of communications was “simply a lawsuit of sharing someone’s words with a radical of people” and not an editorial instruction.

In narration to the Arcuri story, the BBC root said its guidelines accidental that reporters “should stitchery quality utilizing first-hand sources, corroborate their evidence, and beryllium reluctant to trust connected a azygous source. In the lawsuit of this story, we had not reached this threshold”.

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