BBC to air ‘escapism’ and ‘resilience’ shows during cost of living crisis

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The BBC is to aerial a bid of “very British” escapist and resilience proposal shows designed to assistance viewers done the “tough times ahead” caused by the outgo of surviving crisis.

The programmes see a caller David Attenborough bid astir UK wildlife which features babe toads trying to flight elephantine leeches successful scenes which echo the celebrated “snakes v iguanas” series successful Planet Earth II.

Called Wild Isles it features 96-year-old Attenborough connected determination successful Britain and includes footage of “toadlets” being attacked by leeches successful Somerset arsenic they effort to transverse what Attenborough describes arsenic a “killing zone”.

Speaking astatine a BBC motorboat of caller factual shows successful London, the corporation’s subject brag Jack Bootle said audiences are utilized to seeing landmark quality bid specified arsenic Frozen Planet II “taking spot successful exotic overseas locations” truthful determination is “something truthful breathtaking astir turning that position to the wildlife of Britain and Ireland.”

That UK absorption is simply a diagnostic of galore of the BBC’s caller factual shows this autumn and winter, according to the corporation’s manager of unscripted Kate Phillips.

She said the BBC wants “to bring audiences together” with thing for everyone and with contented that is “very British astatine its heart,” adding she thinks that is what “really distinguishes us” from the planetary streaming giants specified arsenic Netflix and Amazon.

So the corp volition aerial a week of outgo of living-themed programmes crossed shows specified arsenic Morning Live and The One Show on with different proposal series, specified arsenic Stacy Solomon-fronted decluttering bid Sort Your Life Out.

“It’s astir showing radical we’re successful pugnacious times but besides giving them tips and trying to assistance them navigate it … what tin we bash arsenic the BBC to assistance [everyone] done a precise challenging clip ahead,” said Phillips, though she said the BBC besides wants to air, “amazing consciousness bully escapist TV” too.

BBC factual amusement and events pb commissioner Clare Mottershead added that “we request to marque large tv that grabs the attention” of youngsters distant from rivals specified arsenic TikTok.

She said the BBC had “to bash thing to bring the eyeballs backmost to our screens” with “distinctive TV” and “box bureau talent” audiences volition respond to.

These see Louis Theroux whose caller interrogation bid features six celebrities including Judi Dench, Yungblud and Stormzy.

In 1 country Stormzy says his fame means helium has occupation dating. After Theroux asks what the solution is, Stormzy says: “I’m inactive trying to fig it out. I’m conscionable waiting for God to contiguous maine with my concern and my woman”. To which Theroux responds: “That’s a spot passive.” Stormzy replies: “It is but … I’m each retired of ideas …”

Another bid aimed astatine younger viewers is Planet Sex, presented by Cara Delevingne, whom Bootle says is “more conflicted astir her sexuality than you mightiness imagine” but “will bash things that truly I can’t rather judge an A-list prima would ever bash connected camera.”

During a highly idiosyncratic travel she goes to a lesbian and non-binary festival and is successful tears arsenic she says though she has travel out, “I didn’t truly find the assemblage …I did it successful the nationalist oculus which allowed myself to beryllium pointed fingers astatine and consciousness much of the hatred than the love. There’s truthful overmuch emotion successful determination …I’m feeling things. I don’t usually bash that.”

Other caller bid see a personage narration amusement called Unbreakable and Go Hard oregon Go Home, a tropical land carnal and intelligence situation programme fronted by Jordan North astir resilience, “which we deliberation is truly important to young audiences … trying to navigate a truly hard world,” said Mottershead.

The 3rd and “most extreme” bid of Race Across the World volition besides aerial this autumn, arsenic competitors contention crossed tricky Canadian terrain done six antithetic clip zones.

Other highlights see documentaries astir the archetypal British achromatic BBC shaper and broadcaster Una Marson, the workings of Parole Boards successful groundbreaking Parole and the bombing of the Greenpeace vessel Rainbow Warrior.

Also connected the skyline are a “post-pandemic” dramatisation of however scientists deliberation we volition marque interaction with alien life, called First Contact, and The Elon Musk Show, which features interviews with Musk’s parents and ex-wife Talulah Riley.

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