BBL surgery: Woman who died in Turkey 'not told of risks'

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Melissa KerrImage source, Natasha Kerr

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Melissa Kerr died during cosmetic country astatine a Turkish infirmary successful 2019

By Mariam Issimdar & Helen Burchell

BBC News, Norfolk

A pistillate who died during an cognition for a buttock enlargement successful Turkey was not fixed capable accusation to marque a harmless determination astir the procedure, a coroner has concluded.

Melissa Kerr, 31, from Gorleston, Norfolk, died astatine the backstage Medicana Haznedar Hospital successful Istanbul, successful 2019.

Coroner Jaqueline Lake said she would beryllium penning a study for the wellness caput to effort and forestall further deaths from this "risky" procedure.

The infirmary has been asked to comment.

Ms Kerr had gone overseas to person what is commonly referred to arsenic a Brazilian butt-lift oregon BBL, the Norwich inquest heard.

Image source, Natasha Kerr

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Melissa Kerr's household anticipation others volition debar "cosmetic tourism"

In a statement, Ms Kerr's household said they were devastated.

"We anticipation successful the aboriginal individuals springiness due information earlier travelling to Turkey for cosmetic tourism," they said successful a prepared statement.

The Norwich inquest was told Ms Kerr, a intelligence well-being practitioner astatine intelligence wellness foundation Mind, was "self-conscious" astir her appearance.

The inquest was told Brazilian butt-lift operations carried the highest hazard of each cosmetic country procedures.

The UK has an agreed moratorium connected carrying retired specified operations owed to the dangers involved, adept witnesser and integrative surgeon Simon Withey said successful a study for the inquest.

Mr Withey said if the hazard of the process had been explained to Ms Kerr earlier she had financially committed to the process she would not "in each probability" person gone done with it.

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Melissa Kerr died astatine a infirmary successful Istanbul

On 19 November 2019, a time aft arriving successful Turkey and paying £3,200 successful cash, she underwent a "limited" pre-operation appraisal earlier surgery.

The cognition was carried retired by Dr Yakup Duman, an aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon who was besides said to beryllium a visiting doctor, the inquest heard.

Fat was harvested utilizing a liposuction process from her jowls, thighs and abdomen and inserted into her posterior.

It was during the re-injection of the fat, heavy into her buttock musculus tissue, that Ms Kerr suffered a fatal clot that had travelled to her lungs.

The inquest was told that if worldly was injected excessively heavy into musculus insubstantial determination was a hazard of it travelling to different areas of the body.

Ms Kerr had been successful theatre for much than 3 hours erstwhile efforts were made to resuscitate her, documents from the Turkish infirmary said. She died a abbreviated clip afterwards.

Image source, Natasha Kerr

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A prevention of aboriginal deaths study is to beryllium sent to the wellness caput to effort and pass others astir travelling to Turkey for integrative country pursuing Melissa Kerr's death

Ms Kerr had nary known wellness conditions according to her UK GP and she had undergone a bosom augmentation 10 years previously, without immoderate issues.

Recording a communicative conclusion, the coroner said Ms Kerr died aft cosmetic surgery.

She recorded her origin of decease arsenic a pulmonary thromboembolism and abdominous thromboembolism; a blocked humor vas successful the lung.

Referring to her study for the caput of state, Ms Lake said she was "concerned patients are not being made alert of the risks oregon the mortality complaint associated with specified surgery".

She added, portion the UK authorities had nary power implicit what happens successful different countries,"the information to citizens who proceed to question overseas for specified procedures continues... and I'm of the presumption aboriginal deaths tin beryllium prevented by mode of amended information".

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