Belgium Sentences Students Over Hazing Death of Sanda Dia

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Sanda Dia, a 20-year-old Black pupil astatine the Catholic University of Leuven, died successful 2018 aft members of an elite fraternity forced him to portion food oil, swallow goldfish and basal successful an ice-filled trench.

A black-and-white photograph  of a young antheral   smiling and playing with a dog.
A photograph of Sanda Dia successful his brother’s location successful Oostakker, Belgium.Credit...Sebastien Van Malleghem for The New York Times

May 26, 2023, 1:45 p.m. ET

Eighteen students who enactment a young Black antheral done a notorious fraternity hazing ritual astatine a prestigious assemblage successful Belgium, starring to his decease and mounting disconnected a nationalist statement astir racism, were convicted of involuntary manslaughter connected Friday and ordered to wage fines and execute assemblage service.

Sanda Dia, a 20-year-old pupil astatine the Catholic University of Leuven, present known arsenic KU Leuven, died of aggregate organ nonaccomplishment successful December 2018. He had been forced alongside 2 different fraternity pledges to portion intoxicant excessively, chug food lipid until helium vomited, swallow unrecorded goldfish and basal extracurricular successful an ice-filled trench.

The determination connected Friday, by the Antwerp Court of Appeal, appeared to extremity a lawsuit that had coiled its mode done the Belgian justness strategy for 5 years. The tribunal recovered each 18 students blameworthy of involuntary manslaughter and degrading treatment, but acquitted them of charges that included culpable neglect and administering a harmful substance causing decease oregon illness.

The students — each members of the fraternity Reuzegom, which traditionally attracts scions of the country’s elite — were each sentenced to execute 200 to 300 hours of assemblage work and wage fines of 400 euros, oregon astir $430.

The students, who person ne'er been named afloat successful public, volition besides wage damages to Mr. Dia’s father, member and stepmother, who volition person totals of 15,000 euros, 8,000 euros and 6,000 euros, oregon astir $16,000, $8,500 and $6,400. The students volition besides wage Mr. Dia’s parent the magnitude she requested successful damages: 1 euro.

The students’ lawyers person maintained that Mr. Dia’s decease was a tragic lawsuit of hazing gone wrong, and the students’ families person fought to support the condemnation disconnected their transgression records.

One of their lawyers, John Maes, praised the determination connected Friday arsenic “balanced and good reasoned,” according to Belga, a Belgian quality agency.

In comments to the Belgian press, a lawyer for the Dia family, Sven Mary, expressed disappointment successful the verdict.

“It is hard for the household to perceive that nary 1 has been recovered blameworthy of culpable negligence oregon for administering the food oil,” Mr. Mary said.

But helium suggested that helium would not counsel the household to entreaty the decision: “Should I urge that to these people? I don’t cognize if I would beryllium doing them a service.”

Because the students progressive did not talk publically astir the case, helium added, the household would not cognize precisely what had happened starring up to Mr. Dia’s death.

“In the end, we didn’t get an reply due to the fact that of the soundlessness the boys maintained,” helium said. “We volition ne'er know. This is hard for the household to woody with.”

After Mr. Dia’s death, section news outlets uncovered details astir the fraternity, whose members included the sons of judges, concern leaders and politicians, that angered galore Belgians.

On a abstracted occasion, for example, fraternity members utilized a radical slur arsenic they ordered Mr. Dia to cleanable up aft a party. A photograph besides surfaced purporting to amusement a fraternity subordinate wearing Ku Klux Klan robes. A fraternity code referenced “our bully German friend, Hitler,” and a video showed members singing a racist opus astir the Belgians’ brutal assemblage past successful the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Deleted WhatsApp messages, recovered by the police, showed fraternity members trying to screen their tracks aft the death.

“This was not an accident,” Mr. Dia’s brother, Seydou De Vel, said in an interrogation successful 2020.

“They thought, ‘He’s conscionable immoderate Black guy, we are almighty and thing tin hap to us,’” his father, Ousmane Dia, said successful an interrogation astatine the time.

The lawsuit spurred galore radical successful the Dutch-speaking assemblage of Flanders to face longstanding questions astir endemic racism, particularly arsenic details emerged astir the fraternity alongside a belated reckoning of Belgium’s past successful Congo and the dispersed of Black Lives Matter demonstrations worldwide.

Mr. Maes appeared to allude to those larger debates, saying connected Friday that the tribunal had risen “above the warfare connection of caller years.”

Others expressed outrage astatine the verdict. “Eighteen radical humiliated and tortured Sanda Dia successful 2018. No 1 intervened until it was excessively late,” Kenny Van Minsel, who was a person of the pupil assemblage astatine KU Leuven erstwhile Mr. Dia died, wrote successful Dutch connected Twitter. “Sentences, fines & nary notation of culpable negligence. This is beyond madness.”

After Mr. Dia’s death, the fraternity was disbanded, but immoderate accused the assemblage of being dilatory to instrumentality disciplinary enactment against the students.

After an archetypal probe successful 2019, the students progressive were ordered to execute assemblage work and constitute a insubstantial connected the past of hazing. The adjacent year, KU Leuven reported that it had started a caller investigation aft gaining entree to the case’s transgression file.

In 2021, the schoolhouse announced “final disciplinary sanctions” against the 7 students who were inactive enrolled astatine the university, expelling and barring them from re-enrolling for a fig of years or, successful immoderate cases, ever.

Matina Stevis-Gridneff is the Brussels bureau chief, starring sum of the European Union. She joined The Times successful 2019. @MatinaStevis

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