Berlin, Paris, Madrid: Which European city has the busiest hotels?

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Over 43 cardinal nights were spent successful Paris hotels successful 2019. How bash different cities stack up?

Overtourism is simply a blistery topic, with galore fashionable destinations introducing rules and restrictions to curb crowding.

This whitethorn permission you wondering wherever you should vacation this summer, and which places you should avoid.

Last week, we delved into the information to uncover which capital cities invited the astir visitors per resident.

Amsterdam came retired connected apical arsenic Europe’s astir overtouristed capital, followed intimately by Dublin and Tallinn. The slightest crowded cities were Berlin, Madrid, Brussels and Budapest.

But however galore of these visitors enactment overnight?

Eurostat’s study connected nights spent successful tourist accommodation tin assistance reply this question.

Here’s however Europe’s capitals stack up erstwhile comparing overnight visitors - the results overgarment a amazingly antithetic representation to visitors per resident.

Which European metropolis welcomes the astir overnight visitors?

Paris leads by acold successful presumption of nights spent. In 2019, 43.2 cardinal nights were spent successful tourer accommodation successful the French capital.

Berlin comes successful 2nd spot with 33.2 cardinal nights, followed by Madrid with 28.9 million.

London is not included successful the database arsenic information was not available.

Bulgaria’s Sofia had the lowest numbers of nights spent successful tourer accommodation with 1.2 cardinal overnight visitors per year. Latvia’s Riga (2.2 million) and Lithuania’s Vilnius (2.3 million) besides came further down the list.

Which metropolis has the highest 'tourism intensity'?

To enactment these figures successful context, we request to look astatine the colonisation of each city.

Looking astatine ‘tourism intensity’ - the ratio of nights spent successful tourer accommodation comparative to the full colonisation of imperishable residents of the country - gives a clearer representation of which cities are the astir crowded.

Paris is astatine the apical of the database successful this category, too. In 2019, tourists spent 19.9 nights successful Paris per resident, followed by Prague with 14.1 nights.

Tourists spent 9.3 nights per nonmigratory successful Berlin, Germany, 8.9 nights successful Vienna, Austria, and 8.2 nights successful Oslo, Norway.

Sofia and Turkey’s superior Ankara had the lowest fig of nights spent successful tourer accommodation per nonmigratory with 0.9 nights.

This fig was 7.4 nights successful Amsterdam, 7.1 nights successful Lisbon, 4.4 nights successful Madrid, 3.7 nights successful Rome and 3.4 nights successful Dublin.

Which EU state has the highest tourism intensity?

At the state level, tourism strength is highest successful Iceland, with 23.5 nights spent successful tourer accommodation per nonmigratory per year.

Croatia comes 2nd with 22.4 nights, portion Romania has conscionable 1.5 overnight visitors per resident.

This ratio was 14.4 successful Austria, 13.4 successful Greece, 10 successful Spain, 6.6 successful France and 5.3 successful Germany.

In the EU arsenic a whole, the mean was 6.4 nights per resident.

How was this information gathered?

As this dataset was based connected the NUTS 2 classification, which reflects the basal regions for the exertion of determination policies, the figures are circumstantial for those regions oregon greater superior cities.

We utilized information from 2019 to debar the interaction of the COVID pandemic successful our analysis.

While state figures were disposable for the twelvemonth of 2019, numbers were missing for a fewer superior cities. In those cases, we utilized the stock of the superior metropolis wrong the state successful 2021 and adjusted it to 2019.

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