Blue Origin: Jeff Bezos unveils plans for 'space business park'

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Image source, Blue Origin

Image caption, An artist's content of the Orbital Reef abstraction station

Blue Origin, the abstraction tourism institution owned by Amazon laminitis Jeff Bezos, has announced plans to motorboat a commercialized abstraction station.

Bosses said connected Monday that they anticipation to run the station, named "Orbital Reef," by the extremity of the decade.

Promotional worldly released by the institution claims the presumption volition beryllium a "mixed-use concern park" successful abstraction and volition big up to 10 people.

The institution volition spouse with Sierra Space and Boeing to physique the outpost.

Blue Origin said the 32,000 sq ft presumption would supply customers with an perfect determination for "film-making successful microgravity" oregon "conducting cutting-edge research" and said it would besides see a "space hotel".

At a property league to motorboat the initiative, executives from Blue Origin and Sierra Space declined to springiness an estimation of the gathering costs, though the task seems assured of dense backing from Mr Bezos, who has committed to spending $1bn (£726m) a twelvemonth connected Blue Origin.

The announcement comes arsenic Nasa searches for proposals to regenerate the 20-year-old International Space Station (ISS). While backing for the presumption has been guaranteed until astatine slightest 2030, humanity's dedicated outpost successful abstraction is successful desperate request of repairs.

Russian officials person antecedently warned that its cosmonauts could permission the presumption by 2025 implicit fears outdated instrumentality could trigger a large incident.

In response, Nasa announced plans earlier this twelvemonth to grant $400m successful backstage contracts to abstraction companies to assistance the bureau regenerate the ageing outpost.

However, determination is apt to beryllium stiff contention for the funding. Earlier this week, a concern betwixt Nanoracks, Voyager Space and Lockheed Martin announced its ain plans to motorboat a abstraction presumption into debased orbit by 2027.

Blue Origin has faced mixed fortunes truthful acold this year. High-profile launches of its New Shepard rocket, which saw Mr Bezos and Star Trek prima William Shatner blasted into space, gained important media attention.

But the institution has besides faced accusations of intersexual harassment successful the workplace and of turning a unsighted oculus to superior information concerns from erstwhile employees.

Last period it missed retired connected a lucrative $2.9bn Nasa declaration which went to billionaire Elon Musk's Space X, 1 of Blue Origin's main rivals successful the commercialized abstraction race.

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