Boy, 11, 'shot in the chest' by police officer he had called for help

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An 11-year-old lad who was changeable by a constabulary serviceman has returned location from infirmary aft astir a week of treatment.

Aderrien Murry spent 5 days successful infirmary with a collapsed lung, lacerated liver, and fractured ribs aft the serviceman changeable him successful the thorax aboriginal connected Saturday, lawyer Carlos Moore said.

Aderrien was good capable to permission infirmary connected Wednesday, and is continuing his betterment astatine location successful Indianola, astir 95 miles northwest of Jackson, Mississippi.

Mr Moore said the household is "demanding justice".

"An 11-year-old achromatic lad successful the metropolis of Indianola came wrong an inch of losing his beingness - helium had done thing incorrect and everything right."

Mr Moore said that Aderrien's parent Nakala had asked him to telephone constabulary astatine astir 4am connected Saturday aft a erstwhile spouse had showed up astatine home.

Ms Murry felt threatened, Mr Moore said, and the kid had "called the constabulary to travel to his mother's rescue, helium called his grandma to travel to his mother's rescue, the constabulary came determination and escalated the situation".

Two constabulary officers arrived and 1 kicked the beforehand doorway earlier Ms Murry opened it, telling them that the antheral had gone but her 3 children were inside.

Child does not recognize wherefore a constabulary serviceman changeable him

Mr Moore said that Sergeant Greg Capers, who is black, yelled retired that anyone wrong should travel retired with their hands up.

When Aderrien walked into the surviving country with thing successful his hands, Capers changeable him successful the chest, Mr Moore said.

Indianola City Attorney Kimberly Merchant confirmed to Indianola's Enterprise-Tocsin paper that Capers was the serviceman who changeable the small lad and Mr Moore said connected Thursday that Capers had been suspended with wage portion the incidental is investigated.

Ms Murry said her lad is "blessed" to beryllium live but helium does not recognize wherefore a constabulary serviceman changeable him.

'That's my child, y'all'

She described what had happened arsenic "the worst infinitesimal successful my life", adding: "I consciousness similar cipher cares - that's my child, y'all."

Mississippi Bureau of Investigation said its agents are looking into what happened and volition stock their findings with the Attorney General's Office.

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