Brentwood mum criticises test labelling one twin son overweight

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Teddy, Michael and babe  AdalineImage source, Abbey Burrow

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Abbey Burrow was told Teddy (far near pictured with siblings Adaline and Michael) was connected the 91st percentile for BMI

A parent has criticised a authorities puerility obesity programme aft she was told 1 of her duplicate sons was overweight.

Abbey Burrow, from Essex, was informed lad Michael, five, was overweight but his brother, Teddy, who weighs 300g less, was not.

Research has suggested the National Child Measurement Programme (NCMP) could pb to "anxiety and embarrassment".

The programme is reviewed yearly.

"I was wholly shocked by it" said mother-of-three Ms Burrow, speaking to BBC Essex.

Image source, Abbey Burrow

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Ms Burrow said she planned to opt retired of the NCMP erstwhile it is adjacent conducted astatine twelvemonth six successful school

Local authorities are asked to cod the assemblage wide scale (BMI) of children successful reception and year-six astatine schoolhouse and the information is utilized to assistance signifier authorities policy.

Parents and carers tin take to retreat their kid from the test.

Ms Burrow said: "If I knew this was going to happen, I would person opted out.

"I hold it is important to show whether children are steadfast and of steadfast weights, I bash wholly get that, but possibly determination are different ways to spell astir it.

"I conscionable deliberation it's not truly just to determine whether they're steadfast oregon unhealthy based connected a one-off measurement astatine school.

"They are asking maine whether helium needs immoderate assistance with fare and exercise."

The 31-year-old hairdresser, who moved with her household from Australia to Brentwood successful 2020, said some she and her hubby experienced bullying astatine schoolhouse for their size and did not privation her children to acquisition akin anxiety.

Ms Burrow said she was called by a backstage company, connected behalf of the region council, who informed her Michael was connected the 91st percentile for BMI.

She has weighed Michael astatine location astatine 21.5kg (3.38 stone) and Teddy astatine 21.2kg (3.34 stone).

Image source, Abbey Burrow

Image caption,

Ms Burrow, who moved from Australia successful 2020, said she was not alert of a akin programme successful her location country

Dr Gavin Sandercock, from the School of Sport, Rehab and Exercise Science astatine the University of Essex, said: "What a azygous measurement, astatine a azygous clip point, successful a 5-year-old tin archer america astir their wellness - is beauteous overmuch nothing".

"Using BMI arsenic an indicator for further probe mightiness beryllium a amended mode of doing it."

Dr Meredith K.D. Hawking, who asked for parent views connected the NCMP astatine Queen Mary University of London, said successful February determination were "legitimate concerns" astir kid self-perception.

As a effect she suggested "meaningful regulation" of the nutrient manufacture would amended code puerility obesity.

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesperson said: "The NCMP helps to pass enactment taken astatine some a section and nationalist level to amended the wellness of each children and beforehand a healthier weight.

"Our attack to the programme is reviewed each year, successful consultation with a wide scope of experts, arsenic good arsenic children and families, schoolhouse nurses and headteachers."

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