Brexit: Labour will seek re-write of deal, Starmer says

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UK Labour Leader Keir Starmer speaks to the BBC astatine  the Global Progress Action Summit connected  September 15, 2023 successful  Montreal, CanadaImage source, Getty Images

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Sir Keir Starmer is presently successful Canada gathering with centre-left planetary leaders

Sir Keir Starmer has said helium volition question a "much better" Brexit woody with the EU if Labour wins the adjacent wide election.

The absorption person told the Financial Times that the existent deal, which is owed for reappraisal successful 2025, is "too thin".

Sir Keir was speaking astatine a league of centre-left leaders successful Montreal, Canada.

But helium ruled retired re-joining the customs union, the azygous marketplace oregon the EU.

It remains unclear, however, if Brussels would beryllium unfastened to making large changes to the agreement, which was agreed by erstwhile Conservative Prime Minister Boris Johnson successful 2021.

Sir Keir has repeatedly said helium would not question to rejoin the EU if his enactment comes to power, promising to "make Brexit work".

His enactment has consistently held double-digit leads successful the governmental sentiment polls, with a wide predetermination expected to instrumentality spot immoderate clip successful 2024.

"Almost everyone recognises the woody Johnson struck is not a bully woody - it's acold excessively thin," helium told the Financial Times.

"As we spell into 2025 we volition effort to get a overmuch amended woody for the UK," helium said, though helium did not specify what parts of the woody helium would question to improve.

He added that helium was assured a amended woody could beryllium negotiated with Brussels, arsenic good arsenic a "closer trading relationship".

"We person to marque it work. That's not a question of going backmost in, but I garbage to judge that we can't marque it work," helium said, adding that helium was reasoning astir "future generations".

"I accidental that arsenic a dad. I've got a 15-year-old lad and a 12-year-old girl. I'm not going to fto them turn up successful a satellite wherever each I've got to accidental to them astir their aboriginal is, it's going to beryllium worse than it mightiness different person been.

"I've got an utter determination to marque this work."

The Labour person spent the play gathering chap centre-left leaders successful Canada, including the country's premier curate Justin Trudeau.

He is besides expected to question to Paris to conscionable French President Emmanuel Macron aboriginal this week, wherever post-Brexit relations are expected to diagnostic heavy successful talks.

He besides travelled to the Hague, the Netherlands, last week to conscionable with the EU's instrumentality enforcement bureau Europol, seeking a woody to effort and halt smuggling gangs bringing radical crossed the transmission successful tiny boats.

That led to accusations by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Home Secretary Suella Braverman that his enactment was readying to fto the UK go a "dumping ground" for 100,000 migrants from the continent each year, claims helium said were "complete garbage".

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