Brightest planets Jupiter and Venus to convene in south-west sky

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Starwatch illustration 27 Feb 2023

As promised past week, the 2 brightest planets successful the nighttime sky, Jupiter and Venus, person been closing successful connected each another. This week, the 2 jewel-like planets volition conscionable successful a adjacent conjunction connected 2 March.

The illustration shows the presumption looking west-south-west from London astatine 6pm GMT connected 2 March. Venus volition beryllium the brighter of the two, becoming disposable archetypal arsenic the sunlight drains from the sky. Jupiter’s airy volition chopped done the twilight next, gradually rising successful brightness arsenic the nighttime gathers and the brace dip inexorably towards the horizon.

While you are watching the planets, support an oculus unfastened for the mode the different stars travel retired crossed the entity – it truly does consciousness similar the heavens are blossoming astir you.

The conjunction is disposable astir the world. In Cape Town, South Africa, and Sydney, Australia, the brace volition beryllium intelligibly disposable astatine astir 8pm section time. As March proceeds, the 2 planets volition separate. Jupiter volition descend person and person to the Sun, becoming intolerable to spot for a portion until it re-emerges successful the greeting entity successful the summertime months. Venus volition proceed to ascent distant from the Sun becoming a glorious evening prima successful the occidental sky.

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