Brisbane AFL player Callum Ah Chee calls out racist abuse

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Brisbane Lions inferior Callum Ah Chee has been racially abused online, days aft being concussed successful a arguable incidental astatine the Gabba. Ah Chee, who volition miss the Lions’ important clash with St Kilda connected Friday nighttime nether the AFL’s mandatory concussion protocols, posted the maltreatment helium received connected Instagram.

It came aft Carlton skipper Patrick Cripps was connected Thursday nighttime cleared of his two-game unsmooth behaviour complaint connected Ah Chee during a marathon appeals hearing. Ah Chee posted the abhorrent comments, earlier penning it was “not thing you privation to aftermath up to”.

“How tin this inactive support happening,” the 24-year-old wrote connected his Instagram story. “Why can’t my brothers and I conscionable play the crippled we emotion without having to interest astir crap similar this.

“If my lad grows up playing the crippled – I anticipation helium doesn’t person to woody with this hate. It hurts and I’m sick to decease of seeing it.”

Veteran Lions teammate Mitch Robinson said the comments were arsenic “weak arsenic it ever gets”.

“Fucking sick of having to spot our Indigenous and multicultural players taxable to racism implicit and implicit again. If you spot it, adjacent if you mightiness cognize these uneducated trolls connected societal media support calling it retired and study them.”

The Lions person reported the incidences to the AFL’s integrity portion and connected Friday day issued a connection condemning the behaviour.

“It’s disgusting behaviour and we must, and we will, proceed to telephone it out,” the nine connection read. “There is nary spot for racism successful sport, oregon successful nine afloat stop.”

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