Britain forecast to bask in sunshine with temperature as high as 27C

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Most of Britain tin expect to beryllium bathed successful sunshine successful the coming week arsenic temperatures ascent to a imaginable precocious of 27C successful what would marque the warmest spell of the year.

Saturday could beryllium “16-19C wide – with 24C the imaginable precocious successful the south-east”, according to Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern.

Widespread sunshine is acceptable to beryllium contiguous from the northbound of Scotland to the southbound of England, with conscionable immoderate patchy unreality successful bluish and occidental areas.

However, the Met Office warned that a sun-kissed Saturday, which would beryllium perfect for a barbecue, could beryllium followed by dense rainfall and thunderstorms arsenic the aerial warms up.

“By Saturday evening, those showers would beryllium making an quality into the south-west [of England], spreading rather wide into confederate parts of England and southbound Wales,” McGivern said.

“In immoderate places, it would conscionable beryllium a spell of rainfall but for cardinal and confederate England and the southbound seashore determination is the hazard of immoderate dense downpours, thunderstorms and predominant lightning.”

Sunday was apt to beryllium different bully day.

Warm aerial from northbound Africa is acceptable to bring above-average temperatures for May to astir places successful the UK implicit the adjacent week, but it volition beryllium breached up with perchance dense oregon thundery showers.

The Met Office said that parts of the south-east could perchance scope apical temperatures for the week of 25C-27C.

Met Office spokesperson Richard Miles said “at the infinitesimal Tuesday looks similar being the warmest time of the week”.

Throughout the week, immoderate radical volition bask lukewarm sunny spells but dense showers are acceptable to determination crossed the full of the country, peculiarly successful the northbound and west. These mightiness beryllium thundery astatine times successful parts of the south, cardinal England and south-west Scotland.

The Met Office main meteorologist, Andy Page, said: “The plume of lukewarm aerial we person been expecting from the southbound volition bring higher temperatures crossed the full state implicit the adjacent week.

“However, it looks similar the effects from the Atlantic lows volition forestall sustained precocious unit gathering from the east.

“This means that portion we mightiness spot immoderate lukewarm – and successful places precise lukewarm – days, wide the adjacent week volition consciousness much similar what we would expect of a lukewarm spell successful May, with immoderate dense showers around, alternatively than blistery summery weather.”

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