British Airways cancels dozens of Heathrow flights after IT glitch

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British Airways process    fins are pictured astatine  Heathrow Airport successful  London, Britain, May 17, 2021Image source, Reuters

There has been a 2nd time of chaos for thousands of travellers astatine London Heathrow aft British Airways (BA) cancelled astatine slightest 42 much flights owed to the interaction of an IT failure.

BA said cancellations are inactive happening owed to the "knock-on effect of a method issue" resulting successful unit being successful the incorrect location.

Around 16,000 passengers person been affected by the cancellations.

It comes connected the busiest time for UK aerial question since 2019.

Most of the affected flights are departing from oregon arriving astatine Heathrow.

But determination person besides been delays to different flights, portion immoderate passengers person been incapable to cheque successful online.

On Thursday, BA apologised for cancelling dozens of flights astatine Heathrow. The hose said it was related to "technical problems" causing difficulties with online check-in, delaying flights.

"While the immense bulk of our flights proceed to run today, we person cancelled immoderate of our short-haul flights from Heathrow owed to the knock-on effect of a method contented that we experienced yesterday," BA said successful a connection connected Friday.

Those affected person been offered the enactment to rebook an alternate formation oregon petition a refund, BA added.

The Independent's question analogous Simon Calder calculated that astatine slightest 156 flights, chiefly home and European, person been cancelled.

Aviation analytics institution Cirium said Friday was expected to spot the astir departures from UK airports since earlier the Covid pandemic, with much than 3,000 flights planned.

This is partially down to families heading connected vacation for the half-term break.

The issues started arsenic information guards astatine Heathrow Airport belonging to the Unite national began a three-day onslaught implicit pay. The airdrome has said operations volition not beryllium affected.

BA has been deed by different IT problems successful caller years including a large breakdown successful 2017 that stranded 75,000 passengers implicit a vacation weekend.

The incidental sparked a lawsuit backlash with pledges from the bearer that it would bash amended successful future.

Passengers besides faced delays owed to an IT contented successful February, days aft flights had been cancelled owed to Storm Eunice.

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