BTS star Suga begins military service in South Korea

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Suga is the 3rd subordinate of BTS to enlist successful the past 12 months

By Mark Savage

BBC Music Correspondent

The South Korean prima Suga, a subordinate of the phenomenally palmy lad set BTS, has begun his mandatory subject service, helium confirmed connected societal media.

The singer, whose existent sanction is Min Yoon-gi, is the 3rd subordinate of the set to enlist, aft Jin and J-Hope.

"I volition faithfully implicit my work and travel back," helium posted online.

As South Korea is inactive technically astatine warfare with North Korea, each able-bodied men are required to service successful the service by the clip they crook 28.

For a agelong time, it was rumoured that the authorities mightiness let the members of BTS to skip the service, connected the ground they had already served their state by bringing successful billions of dollars, and it would beryllium much beneficial to let them to transportation connected doing so.

But past October, each 7 subordinate announced they were each readying to enlist, with Jin, arsenic the oldest, going first.

He began his work successful December 2022, and was assigned to a front-line footwear camp.

Suga, however, has been "ruled unfit for the regular combat work and volition service arsenic a societal work agent", South Korea's Yonhap quality bureau said.

Local media reported the star's alternate work was apt to beryllium related to enarthrosis country that helium required successful 2020.

Writing connected the societal media level WeVerse, Suga signed disconnected with a connection for his fans.

"I was capable to travel this acold acknowledgment to you. And the clip has come," helium wrote.

"Be cautious of the chilly autumn weather. Stay steadfast and spot you each successful 2025."

Contract renewal

Suga's subject work comes soon aft it was confirmed that each 7 members of BTS had renewed their contracts with the K-pop bureau Big Hit Music.

"We anticipation volition beryllium capable to stock with everyone a afloat radical promotional play for BTS successful 2025," the institution said successful a connection earlier this week.

Meanwhile, fans of the group's pistillate equivalent, Blackpink, are hoping for akin news.

The group's seven-year woody with YG Entertainment ended earlier this year; and determination has been nary quality of them re-signing with the institution aft the extremity of their satellite circuit connected 17 September.

Shares successful YG fell by 13.28% connected Thursday aft South Korean media reported that 3 of the 4 members (Jennie, Lisa and Jisoo) were intending to motion with different labels, portion participating successful Blackpink activities for six months of each year.

In effect to the reports, YG released a abbreviated connection saying, "Currently, Blackpink's declaration renewal has not been confirmed and is being discussed."

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