Buy a KFC Sandwich, Get Early Access to ‘Diablo IV’

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If chickenhearted and gaming are your thing, KFC and Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. are pairing up to get you aboriginal beta entree to the upcoming Diablo IV game for a constricted clip erstwhile you bargain immoderate KFC sandwich. The promotion is present advertise some the caller crippled and KFC’s Double Down sandwich, which has been off the paper for astir a decade.

How to get aboriginal entree to Diablo IV

Order immoderate of the pursuing sandwiches from oregon the KFC app earlier March 18. (All prices are based successful New York; they alteration by location.):

Diablo IV is acceptable to merchandise connected June 6, according to PC Games. If you’re not buying the KFC deal, you would lone get the aboriginal entree to the Open Beta from March 17 to March 19 by pre-purchasing Diablo IV. The aboriginal entree tin beryllium played connected Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. You tin work more accusation astir the beta here.

The woody is lone for participating KFC locations. Participating locations volition person a reddish banner that says “Diablo aboriginal access” erstwhile you effort to marque a acquisition connected the website oregon app. You volition person the entree codification by email if you bargain a sandwich earlier March 18 portion supplies last. The aboriginal entree codification volition lone beryllium playable from Match 17 to March 19.

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