Byelection defeats live: triple blow for Boris Johnson after Tories lose two seats and party chair resigns

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Results of Wakefield byelection successful full

And present are the results of the Wakefield byelection successful full.

Simon Lightwood (Lab) 13,166 (47.94%, +8.13%)
Nadeem Ahmed (C) 8,241 (30.00%, -17.26%)
Akef Akbar (Ind) 2,090 (7.61%, +6.60%)
David Herdson (Yorkshire) 1,182 (4.30%, +2.38%)
Ashley Routh (Green) 587 (2.14%)
Chris Walsh (Reform) 513 (1.87%)
Jamie Needle (LD) 508 (1.85%, -2.09%)
Ashlea Simon (Britain 1st) 311 (1.13%)
Mick Dodgson (FA) 187 (0.68%)
Sir Archibald Stanton Earl ‘Eaton (Loony) 171 (0.62%)
Paul Bickerdike (CPA) 144 (0.52%)
Therese Hirst (Eng Dem) 135 (0.49%)
Jordan Gaskell (UKIP) 124 (0.45%)
Christopher Jones (NIP) 84 (0.31%)
Jayda Fransen (Ind) 23 (0.08%)

Lab maj 4,925 (17.93%)

12.69% plaything C to Lab

Electorate 69,601; Turnout 27,466 (39.46%, -24.69%)

2019: C maj 3,358 (7.46%) - Turnout 45,027 (64.15%) Ahmad-Khan (C) 21,283 (47.27%); Creagh (Lab) 17,925 (39.81%); Wiltshire (Brexit) 2,725 (6.05%); Needle (LD) 1,772 (3.94%); Kett (Yorkshire) 868 (1.93%); Whyte (Ind) 454 (1.01%)

Simon Lightwood, the caller   Labour MP for Wakefield.
Simon Lightwood, the caller Labour MP for Wakefield. Photograph: Christopher Thomond/The Guardian

Results of Tiverton and Honiton byelection byelection successful full

Here are the results of the Tiverton and Honiton byelection successful full.

Richard Foord (LD) 22,537 (52.91%, +38.14%)
Helen Hurford (C) 16,393 (38.49%, -21.72%)
Liz Pole (Lab) 1,562 (3.67%, -15.88%)
Gill Westcott (Green) 1,064 (2.50%, -1.34%)
Andy Foan (Reform) 481 (1.13%)
Ben Walker (UKIP) 241 (0.57%, -1.06%)
Jordan Donoghue-Morgan (Heritage) 167 (0.39%)
Frankie Rufolo (FB) 146 (0.34%)

LD maj 6,144 (14.43%)

29.93% plaything C to LD

Electorate 81,661; Turnout 42,591 (52.16%, -19.71%)

2019: C maj 24,239 (40.66%) - Turnout 59,613 (71.86%)
Parish (C) 35,893 (60.21%); Pole (Lab) 11,654 (19.55%); Timperley (LD) 8,807 (14.77%); Reed (Green) 2,291 (3.84%); Dennis (UKIP) 968 (1.62%)

Richard Foord, the caller   Lib Dem MP for Tiverton and Honiton.
Richard Foord, the caller Lib Dem MP for Tiverton and Honiton. Photograph: Paul Childs/Reuters

Oliver Dowden quits arsenic Tory chair, taking swipe astatine Johnson's conduct, aft Tories endure historical byelection defeats

Good morning. The Conservatives person suffered 2 devastating byelection defeats (which was expected) and a elder Tory has resigned (which was not expected). But it is not the fig astir liable for the party’s plight. Instead, Oliver Dowden has discontinue from his station arsenic Conservative enactment co-chair.

Labour was seen arsenic a dormant cert to triumph Wakefield, which had been a Labour spot since the 2nd satellite warfare until the 2019 election, but they won with a precise steadfast plaything of astir 13%. But the Tories besides mislaid Tiverton and Honiton to the Liberal Democrats. On 1 measure, this is is the worst byelection decision successful modern electoral history, due to the fact that ne'er earlier has specified a ample bulk been overturned. The plaything from the Conservatives to the Lib Dems was astir 30%.

Here is my workfellow Peter Walker’s communicative astir the results.

And present is an extract from Dowden’s resignation missive to the PM.

Yesterday’s parliamentary byelections are the latest successful a tally of precise mediocre results for our party. Our supporters are distressed and disappointed by caller events, and I stock their feelings.

We cannot transportation connected with concern arsenic usual. Somebody indispensable instrumentality work and I person concluded that, successful these circumstances, it would not beryllium close for maine to stay successful office.

The notation to feeling “distressed and disappointed” by caller events reads similar an onslaught connected Boris Johnson’s behaviour implicit Partygate, and determination is thing successful the missive expressing enactment for the PM.

But Dowden’s resignation could crook retired to beryllium convenient for Johnson, successful enactment with the mode galore organisations respond to a calamity by pursuing the age-old rule “junior heads indispensable roll”. Until present helium has been loyal to Johnson; is helium voluntarily playing the relation of scapegoat?

I volition beryllium focusing astir exclusively connected absorption to the effect today.

I effort to show the comments beneath the enactment (BTL) but it is intolerable to work them all. If you person a nonstop question, bash see “Andrew” successful it determination and I’m much apt to find it. I bash effort to reply questions, and if they are of wide interest, I volition station the question and reply supra the enactment (ATL), though I can’t committedness to bash this for everyone.

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