Can You Bring Kids to Adult Resorts? Many Are Now Open to Families.

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Parents fed up with being cooped up person driven a pandemic surge successful household trips, and properties from Mexico to the Poconos are getting makeovers to conscionable the demand.

An illustration of children splashing successful  a excavation  astatine  a seaside blue-and-white Greek-style edifice  portion    adults lounge adjacent    with drinks.
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Debra Kamin

March 29, 2023, 5:00 a.m. ET

For six years, the Grand Fiesta Americana successful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, catered to guests looking for relaxation and romance — arsenic agelong arsenic they near the kids astatine home.

But successful 2021, erstwhile the property, the sole adults-only all-inclusive edifice successful town, was acquired by Hilton, its caller owners made a hard pivot. What was erstwhile a child-free retreat is present the family-friendly Hilton Vallarta Riviera All-Inclusive Resort, with a kids’ club, a teen portion with excavation tables and video games, and activities similar face-painting and cooking classes.


The Hilton Vallarta Riviera All-Inclusive Resort successful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, erstwhile an adults-only destination, present offers amenities geared toward children successful 1 of its 2 towers.Credit...Hilton Vallarta Riviera All-Inclusive Resort

The edifice is among dozens of properties worldwide that person reinvented themselves since the opening of the pandemic to entreaty to 1 of the fastest-growing sectors of travelers: families. A July survey by the Family Travel Association recovered that 85 percent of parents successful the United States planned to question with their children successful the adjacent 12 months, and galore don’t privation to compression into a modular treble room. reports that searches for properties with cribs are up 65 percent connected its tract since the opening of the pandemic; for connecting rooms, they’ve jumped 20 percent. In the look of this demand, galore hotels are opting for makeovers, hauling successful sleeper sofas, gathering bunk beds oregon eliminating no-child policies.

“We knew we needed to marque immoderate adjustments, and not conscionable see a kids’ club,” said Mónica Gonzalez, manager of income and selling for the resort. “So what we did was make a programme for the full family.”

The edifice has divided up its 2 towers: One is present for adults lone and the different for families. One excavation is inactive reserved for adults, portion the different is often packed with preschoolers wearing floats and tweens doing cannonballs. In the household tower, each accommodations tin beryllium booked arsenic connecting rooms, and the racy erstwhile artwork — similar paintings of topless women — has been swapped for G-rated formation scenes.

Since the edifice opened to children successful November 2021, Ms. Gonzalez said, bookings are 60 percent families.

At Winvian Farm, a luxury edifice connected 113 acres successful Connecticut, children were traditionally allowed connected the spot lone during a fistful of designated periods similar Labor Day play and Christmas Day. That argumentation went retired the model during the pandemic, said the managing director, Heather Smith Winkelmann, erstwhile parents, burned retired from virtual enactment and school, began calling and begging for a abstraction for everyone to get away.

“Once the pandemic hit, everybody’s question doctrine did a implicit 180,” Ms. Winkelmann said. “So we went afloat family.”

All regularisation dates for children person been lifted, and sleeper sofas with plush mattresses person been added to each room. Today, 35 percent of the resort’s bookings travel from families, and Ms. Smith Winkelmann said determination were nary plans to spell back. A parent of a 9-year-old and a 12-year-old, she said that her ain feelings astir traveling with children person shifted.

“Even for me, if I’m going to spell determination now, I’m like, ‘Let’s instrumentality the kids,’” she said. “We’ve each had our ain epiphanies implicit the past 3 years.”

Real property developers accidental the agelong months of lockdown changed parents’ views connected traveling with their children.

“Everyone benignant of re-evaluated what was important to them,” said Spencer Levine, president of RAL Companies and Affiliates, a New York City developer. He is presently finishing up plan plans connected a caller Mandarin Oriental spot connected Grand Cayman, which plans to interruption crushed this year. The design, helium said, has shifted arsenic household question has go much popular.

All accommodations volition present beryllium built arsenic 2 connecting rooms with a single-entry foyer, allowing parents and children to person immoderate privacy.

“I cognize from traveling with my ain family, it’s truly large to person the privateness of being determination with your spouse, and the kids besides having their ain space,” helium said. “People are really little price-conscious now, and overmuch much astir their beingness experiences with their families.”

Grandparents are being included much often, too: Data from Zicasso, a luxury question planner, reveals radical bookings of six oregon much person grown by much than 50 percent since earlier the pandemic;, which rents abrogation homes, says hunt measurement for four- and five-bedroom properties was up 40 percent astatine the extremity of 2022. So present adjacent traditionally family-friendly properties are offering larger, better-decorated spaces. For example, the Great Wolf Lodge successful the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania, a h2o parkland resort, is gathering 30 caller three-bedroom villas for larger families, and has tapped the personage decorator Nate Berkus for its backstage outdoor patios.


The Mykonos Riviera Hotel and Spa, connected a Greek land known for its big nightlife, offers tiny apartments with their ain kitchens and plunge pools. The proprietor says that 15 to 20 percent of guests present bring their children.Credit...Mykonos Riviera Hotel and Spa

And it isn’t conscionable hotels. Destinations that traditionally attracted a grown-up assemblage are shifting, too.

“The caller procreation of high-end travelers are each traveling with their kids. They adjacent instrumentality them to enactment destinations,” said Theodore Daktylidis, managing manager of the Mykonos Riviera Hotel and Spa, which opened successful July and is made up wholly of tiny apartments, each with its ain room and plunge pool.

Mr. Daktylidis’s household has owned hotels successful Mykonos, celebrated for its nightlife, for decades, hosting countless weddings, honeymoons and raucous bachelorette parties. But portion overseeing operation connected his newest project, it was the increasing fig of visitors with young children helium was reasoning about.

“We’ve seen truthful galore families question present implicit the past fewer years. Currently 15 to 20 percent of our guests are parents with kids,” helium said.

At Red Jacket Resorts connected Cape Cod, Mass., the property, which was precocious sold, is investigating retired aviator rooms with lofted bunks built supra a modular king bed, creating rooms that comfortably slumber six. The caller proprietor says marketplace probe shows that the conversion of these rooms could make an other $80 to $100 per country per nighttime for the hotel, portion offering families a little costly enactment than booking 2 abstracted rooms to accommodate their full party.


Red Jacket Resorts connected Cape Cod is investigating retired rooms with bunk beds built supra a modular king furniture to make rooms that tin comfortably slumber a household of six.Credit...Red Jacket Resorts

The owners of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo successful Italy’s Lake Como portion are truthful convinced that parents volition walk much that they’re reducing the fig of rooms to marque much abstraction to cater to families. The edifice closes each twelvemonth for winter, and erstwhile it reopens this month, it volition person reduced its rooms to 84 from 90, converting the added abstraction into 2 caller penthouses and respective larger suites with sofa beds and outdoor terraces.

“This twelvemonth our spot was busier than ever with multigenerational groups of families,” said Valentina De Santis, Grand Hotel Tremezzo’s proprietor and main executive. “The determination to alteration our country number follows a strategical plan.”

And Troutbeck, an property edifice successful the Hudson Valley of New York, reports that household question is up 40 percent since the opening of the pandemic, truthful 1 of its 3 historical buildings underwent a renovation past summertime and is present made up wholly of suites with backstage entrances and either a balcony oregon a screened-in porch.

At immoderate hotels, arsenic loyal guests turn up and grow their families, rooms are being expanded to support up.

When the Hoxton opened its archetypal spot successful London successful the mid-2000s, the lobby was afloat of 20-something travelers who gravitated toward the marque for amenities similar bars and D.J.s. The inclination continued arsenic the marque dispersed crossed Europe and into North America.

Not truthful anymore. Hoxton doesn’t way the fig of families checking into its rooms, but Olivia Tucker Amato, Hoxton’s marque manager for North America, says that successful places similar London, Amsterdam and Williamsburg, Brooklyn, parents with young children present marque up a large chunk of Hoxton guests. And arsenic guests’ families person grown, truthful person the spaces they’re looking to book. In Barcelona, Hoxton has introduced one- and two-bedroom suites with kitchenettes, a spot opening successful Amsterdam this autumn volition person rooms with either a 2nd king-size furniture oregon bunk beds, and 1 debuting successful Edinburgh this autumn volition person three-bedroom apartments.

The expanded spaces are being rolled retired alongside a caller program, Tiny Hox, that offers amenities similar cribs, kid-friendly menus successful restaurants, flexible booking times, diapers and bath toys.

“The guests who stayed with america successful their 20s are present successful their 30s and 40s and person matured into the household signifier of life,” Ms. Amato said. “If you spell to the Hoxton Williamsburg connected the weekend, it’s packed with strollers, and we invited that.”

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