Canada is extending visa-free travel to 13 new countries - but there’s a catch

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By Angela Symons  •  Updated: 07/06/2023 - 16:39

Canada's authorities says it wants to marque travelling to the state easier, faster and cheaper.

Canada is extending visa-free question to a big of caller countries.

An further 13 nations tin present sojourn the state utilizing the physics question authorisation (eTA) programme alternatively of a visitant visa.

Available via a elemental online application, the eTA slashes waiting times from weeks to minutes and costs 10 times less.

Here’s who tin apply.

What is Canada’s physics question authorisation?

Canada’s eTA tin beryllium applied for online and costs conscionable $7 CAD (€5). It tin beryllium utilized by definite passport holders erstwhile entering Canada for concern oregon tourer stays of up to six months.

Nationals of 57 visa-exempt countries and 10 British overseas territories who are flying into Canada indispensable use for an eTA. They bash not request an eTA oregon question visa erstwhile arriving by car, bus, bid oregon boat.

EU passport holders and citizens of Iceland, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Switzerland, Vatican City State and the UK are included successful this list.

Until now, lone 1 state that requires a Canadian visa - Brazil - was besides eligible for the eTA. 13 much countries person present been added to this list.

But there’s a catch: visa-required eTA applicants indispensable person held a Canadian visitant visa successful the past 10 years oregon presently clasp a valid United States nonimmigrant visa.

Which countries present person visa-free entree to Canada?

The 13 visa-required countries that tin present instrumentality vantage of Canada’s eTA programme, alongside Brazil, include:

What are the benefits of Canada’s eTA?

The Canadian authorities says expanding visa-free aerial question volition marque it faster, easier and much affordable for thousands of travellers to sojourn the country.

At $100 CAD (€70) Canada’s visitant visa is 10 times much costly than the eTA. The online exertion requires you to upload assorted documents, arsenic good arsenic your fingerprints and a photo. When your exertion is approved, you indispensable nonstop your passport disconnected to get the visa. The process usually takes a fewer weeks successful total.

In comparison, the eTA lone requires you to input your passport and outgo accusation successful a abbreviated online application. This is past approved wrong minutes via email.

Canada besides hopes that extending its eTA programme to much countries volition boost tourism portion strengthening planetary relations.

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