Canada to ban import of handguns pending total freeze

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Andrew Trafananko, General Manager of the Range Langley, British Columbia, fires a handgun aft  Canada's authorities  introduced authorities   to instrumentality  a "national freeze" connected  the merchantability  and acquisition  of handguns, 31 May 2022.Image source, Reuters

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Firearms stay fashionable successful Canada, wherever ownership rules are strict

Canada is to prohibition imports of handguns - portion of a determination that could spot a full frost connected their acquisition and sale.

The impermanent prohibition - starting connected 19 August - volition beryllium enforced until parliament passes strict caller rules.

Handguns "have 1 intent and 1 intent lone and that is to termination people," Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino told reporters connected Friday.

The government's projected full ban, unveiled successful May, follows outrage implicit respective deadly shootings.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau projected the authorities - known arsenic measure C-21 - days aft the Texas superior schoolhouse shooting successful the US which killed 21 people.

The measure would marque it intolerable to buy, sell, transportation oregon import handguns anyplace successful the country.

Unlike successful the US, weapon ownership is not enshrined successful Canada's constitution, but firearms are inactive popular, particularly successful agrarian parts of the country.

Canada already has stricter rules connected weapon ownership than its confederate neighbour and records less firearm incidents each year.

For example, each guns indispensable beryllium kept locked and unloaded and anyone wishing to bargain a firearm indispensable acquisition extended inheritance checks.

But determination person been calls successful caller years to further tighten weapon legislation.

In April 2020, a gunman posing arsenic a constabulary serviceman killed 22 radical during a shooting spree successful Nova Scotia - the deadliest successful Canada's history.

Within days, Mr Trudeau announced an contiguous prohibition connected 1,500 antithetic kinds of military-grade and assault-style weapons.

A connection aft the announcement of Friday's import ban, said the fig of registered handguns successful Canada had accrued by 71% betwixt 2010 and 2020, reaching astir 1.1 million.

"We cognize that 1 Canadian killed by weapon unit is 1 excessively many. As a government, it is our work to guarantee that Canada remains 1 of the safest places to unrecorded successful the world. The import prohibition announced contiguous volition assistance to support guns enactment disconnected our streets... reducing weapon unit successful the contiguous term," said Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly.

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Trudeau connected weapons ban: "You don't request an AR-15 to bring down a deer"

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