Capturing a Kid’s-Eye View of Travel

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Parents often person precocious hopes erstwhile they instrumentality their children connected vacations. But bash kids spot what their parents expect them to see? We tried to find out.


The writer, astatine property 5, failing to admit art.

Stephen Hiltner

By Stephen Hiltner

Stephen Hiltner, a lifelong traveler, is present an editor, writer and lensman connected the Travel table astatine The Times.

March 31, 2023, 12:07 p.m. ET

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Last summer, portion preparing a question effort astir my puerility years successful Budapest, I spent immoderate clip revisiting my family’s aged location videos.

Because we lived successful Hungary during the aboriginal 1990s, I traveled rather extensively passim Europe erstwhile I was young — to Rome, Paris, Prague, Madrid and a agelong database of different cities, opening erstwhile I was 4 years old. And due to the fact that my parents were anxious to grounds our adventures connected camcorder, I’ve got receipts (as the kids say) for however I behaved.

Several moments successful the tapes stood retired to me: my 2 siblings and I gazing up successful awe astatine Michelangelo’s David, increasing antsy astatine the Louvre, giggling beneath the Eiffel Tower, climbing connected the basal of a statue extracurricular the Cloth Hall successful Krakow, Poland. In 1 peculiarly amusing clip, the camera pans crossed the Circus Maximus successful Rome — my dada is operating the camcorder portion my ma reads from our Fodor’s guidebook — lone to find the 3 of america tumbling down 1 of the grassy embankments.

“More than 300,000 spectators could ticker chariot and equine races portion the emperors looked connected from this precise spot,” my ma says, solemnly. Then: “They’re rolling down the hill,” she adds, with evident disappointment (and arguably a faint hint of delight). “Do you spot them?”


Capitalizing connected the grassy slopes with my 2 elder siblings, Nicholas and Emelia, astatine the Circus Maximus successful Rome, successful 1991.

The videos got maine thinking: Had I experienced the large sites of Europe astatine excessively young an age? Would I person benefited much if I’d been a small older? Surely determination were taste and humanities lessons that had flown implicit my head.

And yet I indispensable person gained something from each of our traveling, adjacent if lone subconsciously oregon by osmosis.

A fewer months ago, I aired immoderate of these thoughts during a gathering with my Travel colleagues portion we planned a household question project. The thought for an nonfiction dilatory emerged: We’d effort to find retired however children’s question experiences differed from those of their parents. And to bash so, we’d enlist families astir the satellite to stock their perspectives — and their pictures.

The thought was simple: We’d nonstop a fistful of reporters to fashionable tourer destinations astir the satellite and person them look for families traveling with young kids. The reporters would past inquire the parents and the children to transportation astir disposable cameras, with instructions to seizure immoderate caught their attention.

Our archetypal effort was a bust. Ceylan Yeginsu, a Travel reporter, successfully recruited respective families heading into the Louvre — but erstwhile we developed the movie from their cameras and sifted done the scans, not 1 of the pictures was usable. The photos, taken wrong the museum, without a flash, were underexposed.

We recalibrated and tried again, this clip focusing connected 5 outdoor sites: the Eiffel Tower successful Paris, the Statue of Liberty successful New York, Wat Pho successful Bangkok, the Colosseum successful Rome and the National Mall successful Washington. When these pictures came backmost to us, decently exposed, they told a story.

“There is simply a quality successful the simplicity of what fascinates a child,” the newsman Derek M. Norman aptly concludes successful the effort that accompanies the collections of photographs, which we published this week. At the Statue of Liberty, that fascination proved to beryllium the sculpture’s sheer size. At Wat Pho, it was the small bronze bowls — utilized to solicit donations and elicit wishes — that lined 1 of the halls.

A fistful of adults offered immoderate analysis. Mary Beard, the British historian, considered the power of having discovered an past portion of Egyptian barroom successful the British Museum arsenic a child. A neuroscientist shared the mode question experiences tin assistance children cultivate empathy and make problem-solving skills.

All of this, of course, rings existent for america arsenic adults. These ideas person agelong informed our enactment arsenic question journalists.

But to spot immoderate of these ideas expressed truthful plainly done children’s photographs? That was thing special. More than anything, it near maine wanting to convey my ain parents — some for taking maine to Rome astatine the tender property of 5, and for allowing maine to tumble down its hallowed hills.

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