Car-charging and dog hotels: Seven perks to lure you to the office

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A large galore of america person enjoyed not having to spell into the office, adjacent swanky ones similar this, since the lockdowns

By Dougal Shaw

Business reporter, BBC News

Lockdowns during the pandemic meant that bureau workers began to enactment from location - and they liked it. But present galore companies would similar them to travel backmost to the office. One mode to entice them is to marque the workplace much charismatic and connection incentives that tin lone beryllium enjoyed successful person.

Working from location saves unit money, thing peculiarly appealing erstwhile ostentation is high. So galore of these perks are astir redeeming connected the outgo of living.


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Car-charging spots are successful high-demand astatine SAP's offices successful Feltham

If you ain an electrical car, this perk mightiness entreaty to you.

Software institution SAP's bureau successful Feltham, westbound London, has 10 parking spaces with escaped electrical car-charging points.

There are 600 employees, truthful these parking spots are highly sought-after explains Paul, who works there.

"The aureate regularisation successful the office," helium says, "is that arsenic soon arsenic your car is charged, you person to determination it and nonstop a WhatsApp connection to the EV group."

The terms of charging per kWh is astir 51p and astir cars person 80kwh batteries, truthful the savings are significant, helium says.

This payment tends to enactment champion for higher earners, helium points out, who are much apt to beryllium capable to spend an electrical car.

Free Food

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A emblematic offering of escaped nutrient astatine the bureau of steadfast Time Etc includes veggie chicken, chicken, cheese, veggie sticks and dips, and wraps

Would the supra escaped luncheon offering tempt you into the office?

This is an illustration of what's disposable to employees astatine Time Etc, a virtual adjunct platform, based successful Birmingham. For dessert, by the way, it's strawberries, yogurt and a enactment of cakes.

On different days there's blistery offerings similar curry, chilli, pasta and soups.

Working from location tin prevention you wealth connected meals - but of people you person the hassle of making them.

Company CEO Barnaby Lashbrooke says: "We precocious introduced escaped lunches 2 days a week. These are prepared by our in-house cook with a absorption connected steadfast options.

"We've had truly bully feedback truthful far, with accrued attendance since we introduced the change. It makes going to the bureau a much societal experience, which provides a bully opposition to the days moving from home."

Dog Hotel

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Owners tin locomotion their dogs during breaks

Sausage-maker Heck has built a 'dog hotel' astatine its office successful Bedale, Yorkshire, wherever it has 130 employees.

It is 16 sq metres and determination is simply a location successful the mediate of it which has underfloor heating and a ramp for the smaller dogs.

There is nary supervision, but owners tin support an oculus connected them from nearby.

The squad accidental the dogs get connected well, though Dexter the spaniel erstwhile dug a spread to elope with a friend.

"We were looking for antithetic ways to promote radical to travel to our mill and caput office," says co-founder Debbie Keeble.

She wanted the bureau workers to travel successful truthful they could physique vigor and beryllium originative arsenic a team.

During lockdown the institution created "walking ambassadors" to get staff, including the sausage mill workers, caller aerial connected its 800-acre farm. Many had got dogs successful lockdown, truthful the 'hotel' was born.

Team Holidays

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Marketer Sabrina Chevannes uses squad holidays arsenic an incentive

Would you privation to spell connected vacation with your colleagues? Hmm. Even the annoying ones?

Sabrina Chevannes's selling steadfast has 14 employees and an bureau successful London.

Only those who "primarily enactment successful the office", she says, get the invitation for the squad holiday.

"The conflict is to find a day that radical tin each go," says Chevannes.

Their past travel saw 5 employees spell to Spain, flights, accommodation and each expenses paid.

"We've antecedently gone to Bansko successful Bulgaria for skiing and we've been quad biking successful Marrakesh," says Chevannes. "We ever spell for a afloat Monday-Friday arsenic it replaces the enactment week.

"We cheque our emails portion we're there, and possibly bash an hr of enactment each day, but we past relax, enactment and bond."

Wellbeing Zones

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Many caller bureau buildings person dedicated wellness and fittingness facilities, similar the Belfast bureau of PwC

Fancy a spot of yoga oregon a reflexology league successful your lunchbreak, similar you're successful immoderate benignant of… hotel?

In their recently renovated Belfast office, accountancy steadfast PwC has a wellbeing portion that occupies astir 3,000 sq feet of the nine-floor building.

Staff publication sessions done an app.

"The abstraction is simply a existent motivator for radical to travel into the office," says Catherine Dolliver, wellbeing pb for PwC NI, "whether that is to conscionable friends for a people oregon to question immoderate solace from the commitments of life."

Private rooms are disposable for talking therapy and physiotherapy, which travel arsenic portion of an worker aesculapian benefits package.

Treatments similar reflexology and massage are subsidised, not free, but are besides successful precocious demand, says Dolliver.

Beer Taps

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Some offices are letting the brew travel to entice successful much employees

Several companies are opting to instal brew taps successful the office, to entice workers successful with a convivial, societal offering.

"More frivolous perks person faded successful this caller satellite of enactment since the pandemic," says Patrick Isitt, contented selling enforcement astatine Kitt Offices, which 'personalises' offices astir the UK, "but the ones rooted successful bringing radical unneurotic are becoming adjacent much important."

"We astir commonly perceive of the taps being utilized during the end-of-week all-hands oregon institution wrap-up meetings, with non-alcoholic beverages connected connection too," helium says.

Many of these businesses similar to equilibrium the beer-tap civilization with dedicated quiescent areas, similar genitor oregon supplication rooms, or...


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This is the Library country astatine Sony's caller HQ successful King's Cross, London

Open program offices tin often beryllium noisy, distracting places. Not large for erstwhile you privation to ore and get connected with some... work.

One of the benefits of moving from location is that you don't person shrill conversations successful your receptor - unless possibly you person kids, and they get backmost home.

Many businesses are present requesting dedicated quiescent spaces for their caller offices, according to architects MoreySmith. These areas are often described arsenic libraries to punctual employees to support soundless there.

MoreySmith completed Sony's HQ successful King's Cross, London past year. It has a show space, arsenic you mightiness expect from a euphony statement - but besides a room for moving successful peace.

Has your leader offered you incentives to travel backmost to the bureau building? You tin get successful interaction with our concern newsman Dougal Shaw.

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